Are you considering buying a new residential shade sail? This is a great decision but there are a few considerations you need to make. The right shade structure will enhance your garden features and provide a comfortable place to relax and entertain.

If you choose the wrong shade sail, it might feel a little out of place. But, what should you look out for? And, what are the important points worth knowing before making your purchase? Let’s dive deep into what you need to consider when buying a shade sail for your home.

Why Do You Need Shade Sail Coverage?

Important first things to consider are how much shade do you need and why do you need shade coverage? For example, will the shade sail be used over a patio area, over an entertainment or BBQ space or for a kids play area.

And, what time of day will you use the shade sail most or do you need round the clock protection from the suns UV rays. The usage of your shade sail will affect the type of shade sail you purchase, with different shade cloths being suited for different purposes.

What Shape of Cover Would Best Suit Your Needs?

Residential shade sails come in different shapes such as square, rectangle and triangle. Often, one shade structure is enough, but you also have the option to layer multiple shade sails over each other to create uniquely shaded spots.

This is a great idea for larger entertainment areas and if you want to cover a whole garden. While triangle shade sails look great, four-point (square) shade sails offer much more coverage, if you vary the attachment point heights.

Do You Need Sun and Rain Protection?

What type of weather conditions do you have year round? Is it constant sun or does the weather switch into rainy season at some point? If protection from the sun is important to you, choose a residential shade sail with the highest UV-R protection and impressive heat/glare reduction.

If you have rainy days to get through, look for a shade cloth that has an advanced waterproof coating plus an excellent UV-R protection rating.

Do You Have Fixing Points to Secure Your Shade Sail?

Do you have any structures or fixing points to attach your shade sail to? If no, you will have to install shade sail poles at the right distances from each other.

It’s important to get this right, otherwise your shade sail will hang down and potentially start to collect water and debris on the top. Speak with a shade sail expert if you’re not confident in doing this yourself.

What Colour Shade Sail Will Suit Your Property?

The colour of your shade sail will largely depend on its function. For a kids play area, you might want a shade sail in bright, fun colours, that will get the kids excited! For an entertainment space, your shade sail can be designed to match in with your home decor or a colour theme throughout your property.

Another point to remember is that darker shade sails, will generally keep you more comfortable in high sun areas. Lighter colours such as yellow, orange and light blue, are better in already shaded areas such as next to a building or a tree.

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