Commercial Shade Sails - Shade Sails for Businesses, Hotels & Restaurants

Commercial shade sails are essential for any business or organisation. By providing quality shade sails in your business, you are protecting important assets, customers and employees. Commercial Shade sails are a cost effective and sustainable solution providing the highest protection factors in either Z16, DRiZ or eXtreme 32. Our products offer both shade protection and waterproof options. Let us assist you in constructing a commercial shade sail or a commercial shade structure by using our nationwide network of shade professionals to provide you with a quote. Contact us today.


The Benchmark in Quality Shade Sails

All of Rainbow Shade’s shade sail fabrics are produced using the most state of the art manufacturing machines and processes. Each of our solar protection fabrics goes through rigorous quality control procedures and are subject to numerous strength and specification quality tests, so you can be assured that the fabric is “AAA Super grade material”.

Proven Longevity in Commercial Use

Rainbow Shade has built its reputation on proven performance and longevity. Over the past 28 years our fabrics have been used extensively across Australia for a wide range of shade sail and shade structure applications. When it comes to performance our shade fabrics contain the highest quality raw materials, colourants and UV stabilizers allowing us to offer dependable warranties on all of our shade fabric products.

Fabrics best suited to Commercial Shade Sails