Residential Shade Sails - Residential and Home Shade Sail Solutions

Residential and Home Shade Sail Solutions

Residential shade sails are a fully customisable extension of your home. Shade sails allow you to cover your entertainment areas, cars, pool or camper and help to shield them from the sun’s harmful UV rays which can damage you, your family and your assets. Having a shade sail installed in your home can give you peace of mind knowing that your protected while you and your family enjoy your outdoor lifestyle. Shade sails and sun shades are a cost effective shading solution for any home. With Z16 shade sail fabric from Rainbow Shade offering up to 99% UVR block and available in 24 designer colours, outdoor entertainment protection has never been so stylish.

Solar and Water

Protection with Our Shade Sails

With up to 99% UVR block our shade sail fabrics are specifically designed to protect against the Australian sun.

Z16, Extreme 32 and DriZ all have excellent heat and glare reduction properties while also effectively filter out harmful UV rays which can cause damage.Over the past 28 years our fabrics have been used extensively across Australia for a wide range of shade sail and shade structure applications.When it comes to performance our shade fabrics contain the highest quality raw materials, colourants and UV stabilizers allowing us to offer dependable warranties on all of our shade fabric products.

Protect Your Outdoor Home Areas from Rain or Sun with Our Shade Structures

Whether you are looking for protection against the sun, wind or rain, Rainbow Shade has a shade sail cloth to suit your installations requirements. All of our fabrics have been tested against the harsh Australian climate and come with dependable warranties for your piece of mind.

Features and Benefits

If you’re looking for residential shade sails that are durable, stylish and easy to upkeep look no further. Rainbow Shade residential shade structures are made from quality cloth that has been tested in extreme weather conditions. Check out the many features and benefits of our unrivalled shade sails for homes:

Customisable to your needs

Our shade sails are made to order and customised to your exact needs. Choose your unique sizing, shade sail shape, shade cloth and colour and we’ll do the rest.

Extremely durable and strong.

Having been in the shade sail industry for over 25 years, we offer the best shade fabrics that have extreme tensile strength and come with up to 15 years warranty as standard.

Hard wearing and highly resilient.

Our residential shade sails have been tested to ensure they have a high UV block level, hail resistance, fire resistance and that they’re resistant to tears.

Huge range of colours and styles.

Choose from a wide range of shade sail shapes and colours.

High UV, heat and glare protection.

Depending on the shade cloth, you can expect up to 99% UV-R protection.

Hail resistant.

Be protected when the weather turns nasty.

Fire tested.

All our products are fire tested as standard.

Easy care and maintenance.

Our shade cloths are easy to clean and highly resistant to damage.

Australia and worldwide shipping.

Having been in the shade sail industry for over 25 years, we offer the best shade fabrics that have extreme tensile strength and come with up to 15 years warranty as standard.

Fast and fuss-free ordering process.

Get a free quote, tell us your specifications and order in a few clicks.

Yes, shade sails are an affordable and cost effective solution to shade your outdoor space. They even shade the side of your home, helping to lower electricity costs, reducing the need inside to have the AC constantly running.

The colour you choose for your residential shade sail depends on your needs. Darker colours absorb more heat, so are best for full sun areas. Lighter colours are great in shaded spots, to allow more light to filter through. However, you’ll also want to consider a sail colour that blends seamlessly with your home colour palette for a cohesive look.

Yes, a residential shade sail will enhance the appearance of your home and even boost its value. While they are functional, they also offer a stylish aesthetic to any property.

It’s extremely important to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays. To spend time in your outdoor space safely, a high UV-R% rating is essential. All our shade sails have up to 99% UV-R block as standard, so you can rest assured you and your family are protected.

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