Pool Shade Sails and Solutions - Shade Sails for Swimming Pools

Pool shade sails not only add value to your home but allow you to make the most of your outdoor areas. With a pool shade installed at your home you will be able to shield yourself from the suns harmful UV rays while enjoying your outside entertainment area with family and friends. With the Australian lifestyle focusing so heavily on the outdoors, having a pool shade sail above your pool area will give you confidence in knowing that your family is better protected from dangerous ultra violet exposure. As pool shade sails are available in a wide range of designer colours from Rainbow Shade, pool shades can be a stylish yet inexpensive addition to the family home.


Reduce your pool’s operating costs

Our Z16 shade cloth doesn’t just block Ultraviolet sun rays. Z16 helps to dramatically reduce the heat and glare within your pool and outdoor entertainment area. This is a major benefit for pool shades as they help to keep costs down with less water evaporation occurring.

The Ultimate Solar Protection for Pool Areas

With up to 99% UVR block our shade sail fabrics are specifically designed to protect against the Australian sun. Z16, Extreme 32 and DriZ all have excellent heat and glare reduction properties while also effectively filter out harmful UV rays which can cause damage.Over the past 28 years our fabrics have been used extensively across Australia for a wide range of shade sail and shade structure applications.When it comes to performance our shade fabrics contain the highest quality raw materials, colourants and UV stabilizers allowing us to offer dependable warranties on all of our shade fabric products.

Fabrics best suited to Pool Shade Sails