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Why Would You Use a Shade Sail

Here at Rainbow Shade we have been supplying shade sails for all manner of applications for over twenty five years. But why are they so popular and why do so many people find them a perfect solution to their shading needs?

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There Are Many Ways You Can Add Comfort and Shade to Your Outdoor Space

If you love spending time in the garden, you’ll know how important it is to have shade from the suns harsh rays. Of course, at times it’s great to top up the tan but having shaded areas at convenient points around your garden will give you entertainment space, a place to chill and read a book, shade for the pool area and a safe space for kids to hang out.

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The Lifespan of a Shade Sail is Warranted up to 10 Years and You Can Choose a Shade Structure to Suit any Size Needs

Shade sails are extremely versatile and adaptable and can be customised to your exact needs. They are an ideal option for shade cover in commercial businesses, residential properties, car parks, schools and recreational areas. You might have an outside area in your cafe that you can’t use in certain extreme weather and a shade sail is a versatile, cost effective option to make that space a usable, money making machine.

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Z16 Shade Cloth has an Unrivalled Reputation for UV-R Protection, Durability and Quality

Having become one of Australia’s most trusted shade cloths; the Z16 offers impressive shade results with a UV-R protection of up to 99%! The sun’s harmful rays and heat are reflected off of the shade sail, allowing you to enjoy a safe, cool environment underneath. Not only that, it’ll reduce the glare of the sun, giving you a shaded area to relax in even when the temperatures are soaring.

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Updates to Australian Standards for Shade Cloth

The Australian Standard in its recent review has adopted the UVE (Ultra Violet Effectiveness) ranking scale. This clearly shows Schools, Councils and Early Learning Centres the level of sun protection offered by a shade fabric. UVE measures the sun protection effectiveness and ranks products into effective, very effective and most effective sun protection categories.