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5 Reasons to Replace Your Shade Sail

Do A Regular Inspection of Your Shade Sail, to Know When It Needs Updating

Popular shade sails are; school shade sails, car port shade sails, pool shade sails, residential shade sails and commercial shade sails. Whatever area of your property or business you are using a shade sail in, it’s imperative that you keep a close eye on it to notice when it needs attention.

While shade sails are built to last with high durability, there are still a few reasons when you might want to renew your shade sail. Shade sails are great to have in the garden to still let a breeze through but protect you from the sun and they are great entertainment spaces. Businesses benefit from the addition of shade sails to cover over and expand seating areas. Let’s take a look at the reasons when you might want to replace your shade sail after 10+ year of service.

Colour Fading

Shade sails are made from extremely tough and durable solar protected fabric. Each shade cloth has been tested under extreme conditions to know it can stand up to the harsh Australian climate. Even with all this testing, your shade sail will naturally fade after long exposure to the suns UV rays. Once you notice faded areas, it’s advised to replace your shade sail to renew its original vibrant colour.

Weather Wear

If you live in an area with high amounts of rainfall and extreme conditions, your shade sail could eventually show some signs of wear and tear. Shade sails have been known to last for over two decades but harsh conditions can take their toll. Small areas of wear can be patched up, but if you notice larger patches it’s a good idea to replace your whole shade sail.

You Landscape Your Garden

Shade sails are built into your garden area to protect and compliment the space. If you plan on landscaping your garden, this could mean your current shade sail may suddenly not fit into what you have in mind. If you have new plans for your garden, talk to the team at Rainbow Shade to assist you with a new shade structure.

It Has Become Unsafe

Like previously mentioned, after long exposure to super harsh weather conditions, your shade sail may start to show signs of wear on the fabric. Decades of strong winds can also start to loosen and corrode the bolts and attachments which can make your shade sail move about. If you notice this, think about getting your shade sail maintained by an expert or replace it with a new shade structure.

Your Home Gets Re-Painted

Most shade sails get fitted in with a current homes exterior so the colours and style complement each other. If you’ve decided it’s time to re-paint your home, the new color palette may make your shade sail stick out like a sore thumb. If this is the case, consider getting a new shade sail that will fit in perfectly with the new look.

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The Lifespan of a Shade Sail is Warranted up to 10 Years and You Can Choose a Shade Structure to Suit any Size Needs

Shade sails are extremely versatile and adaptable and can be customised to your exact needs. They are an ideal option for shade cover in commercial businesses, residential properties, car parks, schools and recreational areas. You might have an outside area in your cafe that you can’t use in certain extreme weather and a shade sail is a versatile, cost effective option to make that space a usable, money making machine.

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Z16 Shade Cloth has an Unrivalled Reputation for UV-R Protection, Durability and Quality

Having become one of Australia’s most trusted shade cloths; the Z16 offers impressive shade results with a UV-R protection of up to 99%! The sun’s harmful rays and heat are reflected off of the shade sail, allowing you to enjoy a safe, cool environment underneath. Not only that, it’ll reduce the glare of the sun, giving you a shaded area to relax in even when the temperatures are soaring.

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Updates to Australian Standards for Shade Cloth

The Australian Standard in its recent review has adopted the UVE (Ultra Violet Effectiveness) ranking scale. This clearly shows Schools, Councils and Early Learning Centres the level of sun protection offered by a shade fabric. UVE measures the sun protection effectiveness and ranks products into effective, very effective and most effective sun protection categories.

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Why You Need a Car Park Shade Sail for Your Parking Area

Shade sails have multiple uses including; protecting areas of your home, business and any type of work or storage area. While the most popular uses are pool shade sails, school shade sails and customised residential shade sails, car park shade structures are a popular choice for savvy car owners.