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Product Overview

Extreme 32 is a heavy duty shade cloth specifically designed for large scale shade sail and structure installations that require high strength and stability. Due to its monofilament and tape construction Extreme 32 not only performs excellently in harsh conditions but also provides impressive UVR protection (up to 95.8%).

With high strength and stability properties Extreme 32 is perfectly suited to large high tension shade sails or unique architectural shade structures.

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Colour Brochure

Showcasing Extreme 32's 14 designer colours available with UV-R Block and Shade factors.

Technical Specs

Designed with Engineers and Architects in mind to provide technical information.

Maintenanace Guide

The ultimate guide to looking after your commercial shade structure's fabric.



Extreme 32 fabric is manufactured using the highest quality raw materials available to ensure that this shade cloth can stand up to Australia’s unforgiving climate and environment.

Rainbow Shade’s Extreme 32 shade cloth has been rigorously tested against the sun and elements, so much so that we offer a 10 year warranty on the fabric against UV breakdown.

To view Extreme 32 shade cloth’s test results for UVR block, strength, hail testing, fire testing and more browse our downloads section above.

For more detailed information and technical specifications on Extreme 32 contact our friendly team today on (07) 5580 5366.

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