7 Creative Ways to Bring Shade to a Sunny Garden


While it’s nice to soak up the sun occasionally. Too much of it can be exhausting and not great for the skin. You can’t beat relaxing in a shady spot, with a good book and a cool drink. But, how do you shade a sunny garden without breaking the bank? There are actually many creative… Read more »


Why a Car Port Shade Sail is a Must for Any Australian Home

Car park shade structures are extremely versatile, durable and a cost-effective way to keep your vehicles cool and protected. In the harsh Australian heat, cars, lorries and all types of vehicles need to be covered, otherwise they become hot boxes. A garage is often the first thought. While these do the job, they come with… Read more »


Shade Sails in Tasmania

There are a lot of things in this world that I would call consistent… Tasmanian weather, however, is very far from consistent. In fact I would go as far to say that Tasmanian weather is bipolar. It’s sunny one minute and the next minute it’s pouring down with rain. Lucky for you, here at Rainbow… Read more »


Why You Need a Shade Sail For Your Pool

Ah summer… the time of year that brings nothing but smiles to our faces. As we get closer to the season of sun it’s time to start thinking about the outdoor entertaining area and most importantly, the pool – you know… that thing that turned into a swamp over winter. You may want to become… Read more »


Waterproof Shade Sails Are The Perfect Solution For You

Have you been looking to get cover for an outdoor space to protect you no matter what weather is thrown your way? Weather can be very unpredictable, I mean even the weather “experts” on the news get it wrong… often. The skies may be clear when you wake up, but after a couple hours it’s… Read more »


The Ultimate Guide to How to Clean a Shade Sail

Have you recently looked at your shade sail and noticed a bit of dirt or mold starting to cover it? Don’t stress, this is can happen and there is a way to combat this. In fact, cleaning your shade sail not only makes it look impeccable – it also can help protect your shade sail…. Read more »


Shade Sails Protect your Car from ALL Weather Conditions!

If you’re like me, you may not have a twelve car garage to store your two family cars in, now you have to choose which car you leave exposed outside. Maybe you do have a twelve car garage and you just bought your thirteenth car that now has to live outside. This can present a… Read more »


5 Low Maintenance Ideas to Turn your Garden into an Oasis

Black Shade Cloth Outdoor Umbrella

A garden can be a place to relax after a hard day, or be a bit of a nightmare if filled with overgrown weeds and critters. While we can’t come round and do the gardening for you, this article will highlight a few simple ideas to decorate your garden and turn it into a space… Read more »


How to Prolong the Life of Your Shade Sail: 5 Expert Tips


Shade sails are extremely useful in any residential or commercial space. Shade makes your outdoor space useful all year round, plus the unique look of a shade structure adds style to your property. While a quality shade sail costs, the extensive benefits you receive make it well worthwhile.