Shade Structures

Shade Structures are an effective shading option for any business, council, school or childcare centre looking to provide maximum shade coverage within a budget, especially when compared with fixed roof structures. Shade structures and shade shelters both offer High UVR protection and allows those under them to enjoy the outdoors while greatly reducing the damaging effects of the sun’s ultra violet rays. Shade structures and shade shelters also help to drastically decrease the heat of the shaded area, creating a cooler environment. This means you can take a break from the harsh Australian sun without having to be indoors. With Rainbow Shades quality shade structure fabrics, customers can choose from a wide variety of colours for use in commercial business
applications through to bright colours for parks and playgrounds.

Exceptional Strength and Protection from Our Shade Sails Range

All Rainbow Shade’s shade structure fabrics are manufactured using a pre tensioning process known as stentoring. This method, unique to our fabrics provides the shade cloth with additional strength and stability.

Fabrics Suited to Shade Structures

Whether it is a hip & ridge, barrel vault s or the more common cantilever shade structure it is important that the shade cloth used on your shade structures is up to the task. The shade cloth not only needs to look great for many years but needs to be able to cope with the high stresses and forces applied by external factors to your shade structure.

Extreme 32  shade cloth gives you peace of mind. With a 10 year warranty and proven reputation for longevity this heavy duty knitted shade cloth provides exceptional strength and protection.

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