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DriZ is a unique waterproof shade cloth fabric used for suitable for residential and light commercial shade sails and structures.

DriZ provides protection from the sun, wind and rain while filtering harmful UV-Radiation and allowing natural light transmission.

Through its advanced waterproof coating DriZ will allow your shade sail project to offer All weather protection for a range of outdoor entertainment and alfresco spaces.

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Showcasing the 16 stunning colours available with technical specifications.

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The ultimate guide to looking after your All weather protection shade sail.

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DriZ is a combination of our high quality Z16 shade cloth with a clear waterproof coating applied to the underside. The Coating must be installed facing downward.  Available in a wide range of colours and up to 100% UVR protection, DriZ is the perfect shade solution for residential and commercial applications, including outdoor entertainment areas, driveway shades and pool shade. For more detailed information and technical specifications on DriZ contact our friendly team today on (07) 5580 5366.

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