Car Shade Sails - Carpark and Carport Shade Sail Solutions

Car shade sails are a fantastic choice for your home or commercial property. Your car shade sail has the ability to protect your car from rain, hail and the harsh effects of the Australian sun. Your car shade can cool your car by up to 50%. Carport Shades are highly customisable and can be installed in just about any area. With your Car shade or Carport Shade you are able to increase the value of your property whilst protecting people and assets. You can have your car shade installed using Z16, DRiZ or eXtreme 32 in a choice of over 24 colours! Contact us today.


Excellent Solar Protection for Cars and Vehichles

With up to 99% UVR block our shade sail fabrics are perfectly suited to protect your vehicle against damage from UV exposure and will also dramatically reduce the heat within your car too.

Protect Your Car from Hail and Thunderstorms

With weather conditions seeming to become more and more turbulent you will be surprised to know that our shade cloth fabrics has been rigorously tested against hail damage. Both in laboratory hail test simulations and out in the field by severe hail and thunderstorms.

Our Z16 and Extreme 32 shade sail cloth are certified with the highest grade of hail resistance from the South West Research Institute. Contact us today for more information.

Fabrics best suited to Car Shade