Car Shade Sails - Carpark and Carport Shade Sail Solutions

Carpark and Carport Shade Sail Solutions

Carport shade structures are ideal to protect your vehicles in a residential or commercial property. Shade sails for cars are made to withstand the weathers harsh elements such as rain, hail and the suns UV rays. In fact, car shade sails reduce the heat in your vehicles by up to 50%, so you can feel cool and comfortable while driving.

Rainbow Shade offers multiple carport shade sail options. Choose from a range of shade fabrics including the Z16, DRIZ or Extreme32 and select from over 24 stunning colours. Car shade sails can be manufactured in a range of sizes and shapes to cover different spaces and numbers of vehicles. Just tell us what you need and we can assist you.

Residential Car Shade Solutions

Transform your home’s aesthetic while safeguarding your vehicles with our residential car shade sails. These tailored solutions blend functionality with elegance, providing reliable protection against the elements. Our shade sails, available in a spectrum of vibrant hues and sizes, enhance curb appeal while ensuring your vehicles remain shielded from sun damage and harsh weather.

Enhance your business premises with our durable and adaptable commercial car shade sails. Designed to meet the demands of high-traffic areas, these shade structures offer robust protection for fleets or employee parking. Our fabrics ensure exceptional UV resistance and weather endurance. Tailored to fit various spaces and configurations, these shade sails not only safeguard vehicles but also enhance the professional outlook of your establishment. Invest in practicality and durability with our commercial car shade solutions, improving both aesthetics and functionality for your business.

Best Fabrics

Suited to Carport Shade Structures

Our car shade sail fabrics have been rigorously tested against the sun and hail to ensure they’re up to standard. The best fabrics suited to carport shade structures include:

Roof Vs Z16 3


This shade sail fabric has an unrivalled reputation for durability, quality and UV protection, making it one of Australia’s favourite solutions for residential shade sails. With 99% UVR protection, heat and glare will be dramatically reduced in your vehicles and the extreme hail resistance will protect your vehicles from outer damage.


Ideal for large commercial carport shade structures that require high strength and stability. High UV protection and hail resistance ensure your vehicles are protected.


With an advance waterproof coating and excellent UV protection, this shade sail fabric will keep your vehicles protected from the elements.

Serge Ferrari PVC

This fabric combines durability and weather resistance, offering reliable protection against UV rays and diverse weather elements, perfect for larger commercial projects

Protection from the Suns Harsh UV Rays

Car shade sail fabrics offer up to 99% UVR block so your vehicles are protected from sun damage. If not covered, the sun can cause vehicle paint to fade or blister in the heat. Quality coverage also means that the heat inside your car will be dramatically reduced, so you can get into the car and drive immediately while feeling comfortable and cool.

Car shade sails offer an affordable and convenient way to protect your vehicles. Alongside keeping your car comfortable and cool, they offer many other benefits such as:

Investing in these shade sails proves advantageous when considering the resale value of your property. They contribute positively to the overall appeal and are seen as a valuable addition, potentially fetching a higher price upon sale.

With car shade sails, you optimise available space, creating room not just for vehicles but also for other equipment. Whether in a home or business setting, these solutions expand usable space effectively.

Designed for diverse weather conditions, including harsh sun, rain and hail, these structures offer reliable protection for vehicles. Whether it’s a residential driveway or a commercial parking area, they ensure year-round safeguarding.

Compared to constructing solid garages or carports, car shade sails prove remarkably cost effective. They deliver comprehensive protection without the substantial expenses associated with traditional structures.

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