Z16 Shade Cloth has an Unrivalled Reputation for UV-R Protection, Durability and Quality

Having become one of Australia’s most trusted shade cloths; the Z16 offers impressive shade results with a UV-R protection of up to 99%! The sun’s harmful rays and heat are reflected off of the shade sail, allowing you to enjoy a safe, cool environment underneath. Not only that, it’ll reduce the glare of the sun, giving you a shaded area to relax in even when the temperatures are soaring.

The Z16 shade cloth has been rigorously tested and comes with a 10 warranty for your peace of mind. This means its shade protection you can rely on to keep children safe in schools, playgrounds and child care centres. You can choose various shade sail shapes and colours to suit your schools brand and design. A shade sail can be designed and constructed to fit over many types of area or multiple sails can be linked together.

Benefits of the Z16 Shade Cloth

– The Z16 shade cloth offers 99% UV-R sun block and it adheres to the Australian standard rating system

– It’s easy to care and maintain

– It’s lightweight weighing only 200GSM

– It has high tensile strength meaning it will resist sagging

– It’s been rigorously tested for UV-R block, extreme weather conditions like hail and fire safety

– It comes with a 10 year warranty

– It offers safe filtered light transmission

– You can choose from 24 stunning colours and pick a size and shape to cover any area you need

Other Uses for Z16 Shade Cloth

Alongside being the ideal shade cloth for schools, nurseries and playgrounds, the Z16 shade cloth can be used for; pool shade sails, commercial shade sails and residential shade sails. Shade over a pool is essential to protect yourself from the harsh Australian sun and it’ll also increase the aesthetic appeal giving a funky style.

By blocking the sun’s ultraviolet rays out of the pool, it’ll reduce heat and reduce water evaporation, which will in turn help to keep costs down. Using the Z16 shade cloth in your commercial or residential property will help to protect your assets, blocking the sun and extreme weather from damaging cars, equipment or any other personal belongings.

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