How Shade Sails Can Protect You from the Sun and Rain

If you are a sports enthusiast, you know how important it is to enjoy your favourite events in comfort and safety. However, the weather can sometimes be unpredictable and unfriendly, especially in Australia, where the sun can be scorching and the rain can be heavy. That’s why you need shade sails for your sports facility.

Shade sails are fabric structures that are attached to poles or buildings, creating a canopy that provides shade and shelter from the sun and rain. They are ideal for sports courts and facilities, as they can cover large areas of any shape and size. They can also enhance the appearance and functionality of your sports facilities, adding colour and style to it.

Some of the Benefits of Using Shade Sails For Your Sports Events

UV protection: Shade sails can block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, which can cause skin damage, sunburns, and even skin cancer. By using shade sails, you can protect yourself, your team and your spectators from these risks.

Cooler temperatures: They can reduce the temperature under the canopy and create a more comfortable environment for playing and watching sports. With adequate shading you can avoid heat exhaustion, dehydration and heatstroke, which can affect your performance and health.

Water resistance: Shade sails can also provide shelter from the rain when using waterproof fabrics. Helping to prevent water damage to your equipment and facilities, as well as keep yourself and your audience dry and happy.

Aesthetics: They can also improve the look and feel of your sports facilities, as they come in various colours, shapes and designs. You can choose shade sails that match your team colours and sports theme, creating a more attractive and inviting space.

How Rainbow Shade Can Help You with Your Shade Sail Needs

Our shade sails are made from premium materials and include the Z16 and Extreme 32 series which are ideal for this type of application These fabrics provide excellent UV protection and durability, shielding players and spectators from the sun’s harmful rays. The DriZ is our all-weather protection and waterproof shade fabric, and this one is perfect for when water proofing is required.

Incorporating shade sails into your sports facility is a smart decision that goes beyond enhancing aesthetics. By investing in these versatile fabric structures, you’re prioritising the well-being of players and spectators alike. So, whether you need shade for swimming pools, grandstands, track and field areas or courts, we have the perfect solution for you.