Ah summer… the time of year that brings nothing but smiles to our faces. As we get closer to the season of sun it’s time to start thinking about the outdoor entertaining area and most importantly, the pool – you know… that thing that turned into a swamp over winter. You may want to become the ultimate host to countless BBQ’s, pool parties or just any outdoor events and might be looking to upgrade your pool area. If you want your pool to be everyone’s favourite pool to visit, a shade sail might be the perfect addition and here’s why:

Shade Sails Protect You

One way to ruin a couple days of summer is by getting sunburnt – it’s a common theme of summer.  You may not be able feel the sun as much in the water but it’s still very present and the harmful UV rays are still hitting your body. Now with a shade sail over your pool you can cool off and relax in your pool while being protected from the sun.

Shade Sails Protects Your Pool

Not only is a shade sail over your pool going to protect you, it will also protect the pool itself! Not many people know this, but as your pool sits in the sun the water inside the pool begins to evaporate. It’s said that a pool can lose up to 5mm of water everyday. By providing your pool with shade, this number dramatically drops.

Shade Sails Add to Your Home

Shade sails are very customizable – they can suit whatever design you think will best suit your home. I mean, you can really let you imagination go crazy with this creation as shade sails come in countless shades, sizes and colours! Here are two designs you can go for:

Standard Shade Sail




Go become the talk of the summer and the party hotspot now that you know the secret behind the perfect pool area! Get yourself a shade sail.