Shade sails have multiple uses including; protecting areas of your home, business and any type of work or storage area. While the most popular uses are pool shade sails, school shade sails and customised residential shade sails, car park shade structures are a popular choice for savvy car owners.

Shade sails are made from tough, durable shade cloth which is UV protective and can be customised to any shape or size. Whether you need a shade structure to cover a single car parking space or a whole industrial car park, Rainbow Shades shade cloth can be customized to your exact needs.

Protect Cars against the Weather and Nature

Keeping your car in the shade is a must to keep it looking good and keep the paint work from eroding away. A shade structure will protect it from rain, wind, hail and the ultraviolet rays from the sun which can fade colour. Being covered also means more protection from insects and birds and eliminating the need to constantly wash pesky bird droppings off your car!

Save Energy

Keeping your car cool and shaded will mean less energy use to cool it down when inside. If left in the sun, your vehicle will become like a sauna and not be the nicest place to get into for that trip.

Added Security

Not only will your car park shade structure provide protection for your vehicle, it can provide a safe environment helping to deter thefts. Car thieves are less likely to target vehicles in a designated car park structure and a shade structure can be used in conjunction with other anti-theft equipment like; movement lights, cameras and alarms.

Can be Customised to Your Exact Needs

You can customise a car park shade structure to a large corporation or to a small residential car parking space. Shade cloth can be cut in a variety of shapes to create a more modern look or kept more classic.

If you have custom colours for your business logo, these can be interwoven into your shade sail. Car park shade structures are low maintenance and long lasting, meaning you get all the benefits, without having to spend extra time and cash like you might have to with a solid car park structure.

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