Here at Rainbow Shade we have been supplying shade sails for all manner of applications for over twenty five years. But why are they so popular and why do so many people find them a perfect solution to their shading needs?

The immediate answer is simple, they are a highly effective way of providing shade to areas that do not have permanent shade cover. But this is looking at the subject really simplistically. There are numerous reasons that shade sails are the best possible way to give effective and protective shade in places that do not suit permanent structures.

The Many Applications of Shade Sails

Shade sails can perform many functions and are often used in applications such as:
  • Residential Shade
  • Commercial Shade
  • Waterproofing
  • Car Shades
  • Pool Shades
  • Playground and Park Shade
  • Outdoor Umbrellas
Perhaps one of the biggest reasons people opt for shade sails is their relatively favourable price compared to other shade solutions. But another aspect is their superb looks that can transform outdoor areas into things of beauty. A well designed sail can look like a piece of modern art, and there are so many colours, fabrics and styles that are available it can make a really big statement about a property.

Solar Protection

Shade sails do not only provide shelter for things such as cars and pools. They are a highly effective way of providing the best quality solar protection. As everybody is now fully aware it is really important that we protect ourselves from the sun’s fierce glare, and a proper protection is the perfect way to do this. The added attraction is that whilst keeping the dangerous UV rays away these shades are perfect for letting the fresh air circulate. So you can still relax al fresco.

Adaptable and Versatile

Another brilliant quality that these shading devices offer is that they are so versatile and adaptable. Most reputable manufacturers in Australia will make a custom designed sail to fit almost any outdoor requirement. And the modern materials that can now be used for manufacture means that highly unusual shapes and structures can be formed. Which will definitely give your outdoor area or business premises a unique look.

Transform Useless Areas

Nearly everybody has a part of their garden or backyard that for some reason or other cannot be used. A shade sail is a perfect way to expand your usable area and add value to your property. What was once derelict can now be a functioning part of the home or business. To find out more about what shade sails can do for your residential or commercial property contact Rainbow Shade today.
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