Car park shade structures are extremely versatile, durable and a cost-effective way to keep your vehicles cool and protected. In the harsh Australian heat, cars, lorries and all types of vehicles need to be covered, otherwise they become hot boxes.

A garage is often the first thought. While these do the job, they come with a hefty price tag, take up space and can block the view from a property. Car port shade sails are the smartest choice and can be removed when not in use. Here’s five reasons you need a car port shade sail.


Designed to Fit Any Space and Style

A top benefit of car port shade sails is they are extremely versatile. Shade cloth can be cut and made to fit any size or shape of space. If you need a shade sail for your business, it can be made in your business colors and branding if required. Or, a car port shade sail for a home, can be designed to complement your buildings design.

Extremely Strong and Durable

Car port shade sails are immensely strong. Each shade sail is made from high performance, long lasting cloth that has been tested under extreme conditions. Rainbow Shade creates sails with a 10-year warranty, but it’s likely they’ll last a lot longer.

Protect from Extreme Weather

Cars and vehicles need protection from the weather, just like humans. A shade sail protects from the suns UV rays, keeping vehicles cool and comfortable. Shade sails also have a high tensile strength that protects from rain and hail. The right car park shade structure protects vehicles from extreme weather damage.

A Cost Effective Way to Protect Vehicles

While a garage may seem the best idea to house a vehicle in, car port shade sails are way more cost effective. A garage may take months to build, when a shade sail can be constructed in a few hours. This means less man power, less cost and more time spent driving in a cool vehicle.

Can Be Taken Down to Free Up Space

Maybe you only need a car port shade sail for part of the year? The good thing is, shade sails can be taken down when not in use to free up space. And if you change your mind about where to have your shade sail, it can be moved in an afternoon. No getting the builders in to knock bricks down, like if you had a garage!