Shade sails are extremely versatile and adaptable and can be customised to your exact needs. They are an ideal option for shade cover in commercial businesses, residential properties, car parks, schools and recreational areas. You might have an outside area in your cafe that you can’t use in certain extreme weather and a shade sail is a versatile, cost effective option to make that space a usable, money making machine.

How Long Will Your Shade Sail Last?

The Z16 shade cloth is one of Australia’s leading shade cloth fabric brands offering 99% UV-R sun protection and has proven durability and longevity. It has a warranty of 10 years but reports have shown it to regularly last a lot longer than that.

The Extreme 32 also comes with a 10 year warranty and is a more heavy duty, highly stable cloth ideal for use in harsh conditions. It’s well suited to be used for large shade sails or unique architectural shade structures such as a car park shade sail.

The DriZ shade cloth fabric is used for waterproof shade sails and gives great protection in all extreme weather conditions. It offers proven durability and longevity and will last 5 years plus.

Serge Ferrari’s range of PVC is well suited to large commercial shade structures such as car parks and entertainment areas. This is a high end, high performance shade cloth fabric is guaranteed to last well over 10 years.

What Size do Shade Sails Come in?

Shade sails can open up an area giving you more living space and provide weather protection during social events and open air barbeques. A carport shade sail will protect vehicles from heating up, giving you a cool ride when you need to use your car. Whatever you need a custom designed shade sail for, it can be made to your exact size requirements and design needs.

The Z16 shade cloth can easily cover up to 140sqm for shade sails and is ideal for residential and medium sized shade structures. The extreme 32 shade sail can cover up to 300sqm depending on its design. This type of shade sail is ideal for large commercial shade sails and structures over 150sqm in size. The size of shade structures are only limited by the amount of supporting structure.

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