What Are Some Shade Sail Design Ideas?

Top Shade Sail Design Layouts for Homes and Businesses

Shade sails are an affordable and creative way to shade your outdoor spaces. They offer UV protection, shelter from the rain and allow you to enjoy outdoor spaces more comfortably for longer.

Shade sails can be used in residential and commercial settings and they’re quicker and to set up than permanent shade structures. Also, shade sails can be used in many different ways throughout the year. Here are some easy shade sail design ideas for your home or business.

Chilled Bohemian

Do you love the relaxed, bohemian style? If yes, you can incorporate this into your shade sail design. Consider just one pop of colour on your shade sail cloth, with the rest being a muted tone and tied in with the rest of your décor. This is a great look for back yards, cafes and beer gardens.

Bold and Bright

Colourful shade sails are ideal for kids parks, school yards, nurseries, kid’s playgrounds and for a kids garden play area. Mesh two or three bright colours together, or choose one bright colour that you know your little one loves.

Stand Out Modern

Another way to design a unique shade structure is by layering shade sails next to each other and across each other. Aim to set each corner of your rectangular shade sails at different heights. This creates swooping, clean lines, that is often seen in modern building architecture.

Simple and Sophisticated

Some times less is more! Often, all you need is one shade sail in a natural colour that won’t make your garden feel overcrowded. If you’re looking for a relaxing outdoor space, or to tone down a busy space, simple and sophisticated is the way to go. To get this look going, think about ordering a shade cloth in cool cream, fresh white or a natural beige tone.

Carport Shade Sails

Shade sails have multiple different uses aside from shading humans. They’re also great at providing protection and shade for cars, boats and other vehicles. Car shade sails are an affordable option to shade one car or multiple vehicles. With up to 99% UVR block, your vehicle is protected from sun damage and the temperature inside your car will also be drastically reduced.

Commercial Shade Sails

Different commercial shade sails can be ordered in a custom size and shape to fit your business needs and design. Choose from a range of colours that fit in with your brand and decide on the shape and how many shade structures you need to keep your customers comfortable.

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