5 Unique and Practical Ways to Use Shade Sails

You can’t beat lounging in the outdoors in a cool, shaded spot, while the sun shines and birds chirp nearby. This is why a custom made shade sail is an essential piece of kit for a residential or commercial property.

Shade sails are affordable, functional and versatile and can be made in different shapes, sizes and colours to suit the surroundings. While shade sails have many benefits, they can also be used in many ways. Read on to learn about the many ways you can use shade sails.

Create an Extra Room

It’s possible to use a residential shade sail to create an extra room in your garden that can be used all year round. Shade sails protect you from the sun and rain, allowing you to eat out al-fresco style, do a yoga session or enjoy a good book in the shade. Shade sails are so versatile and give you the extra space to use as you wish.

Cool Your Family and Your Home

The suns UV rays are harmful to your skin and they can fade your equipment, furniture, carpets and curtains with prolonged exposure. A well placed shade sail on the side of your house, will shade your windows from the intense heat, helping to prevent this from happening. Not only that, shading your home will help to lower your air conditioning usage, which in turn, helps to lower monthly power costs.

Fun, Exciting and Safe Playground

Kids love to play outside, but are not always aware of the dangers of sun exposure. Instead of keeping little ones cooped up, create a safe and cool playground area with a shade sail. A shade structure can be set up over a jungle gym, a sand pit or just a grassy area where your kids enjoy playing. And, you can choose from a range of bright and fun coloured sail fabrics that children will enjoy.

Shaded Parking Area

A carport or garage can be quite expensive to build. Car shade sails are an affordable option to shade your cars and other vehicles and will help to minimise paint fading and blistering, so your car stays looking great for longer. Not only that, a shade sail will keep your car cool, so it won’t be a hot box when you get in for a drive!

Area to Cool Off by the Pool

Swimming in the sun is a glorious feeling. However, if you expose yourself to the sun’s rays for too long, you’re at risk of sunburn and heatstroke. Pool shade sails and outdoor shade umbrellas are ideal to have by the pool, giving swimmers and sunbathers a place to cool off after time in the sun. By creating shaded areas around your pool, everyone can enjoy staying outside for longer and be more comfortable.

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