Let’s face it – paying off a mortgage isn’t easy. It often chews up all your income, leaving very little left in the bank to put towards any home improvement. But what if I told you there was a way to get maximum results at minimum cost? If you’re looking to waterproof your entertainment area, the good news is that this can easily be achieved by simply installing waterproof shade sails.

I’m continually surprised by the amount of customers I deal with that are unaware of waterproof shade sails. These fantastic waterproofing solutions are so versatile that they can be applied to just about any application, but of course, the most popular is as an affordable solution to weather-proof an outdoor entertaining area.

In this article, I’ll discuss the waterproof shade sail fabrics that we offer here at Rainbow Shade and how they can benefit your home.

The benefits of waterproof shade sails in weather-proofing your outdoor entertainment area

Waterproof shade sails are definitely an economic and a versatile option for shading and weather-proofing your outdoor entertainment area. Not only do they offer your entertainment area protection from the rain, but shade sails can also help protect the area and your outdoor furniture from the sun and wind.

Shade sails made out of high grade waterproof fabrics, like those we offer at Rainbow Shade, are also UV treated to offer you protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. The all-round protection waterproof shade sails offer is definitely one of the biggest reasons why you should consider this affordable shade solution for your outdoor entertainment area.

Waterproof shade sails are also far cheaper and easier to construct than permanent shade structures such as a patio or a pergola. Shade sails need only fabric and a few mounting posts to be erected and can be constructed at a fraction of the total cost it would otherwise take to build a permanent structure. Furthermore, given that shade sails are far less complex to construct than a permanent structure, they also take very little time to install (View my installation checklist before you select a shade structure installer).

Another great benefit of choosing waterproof shade sails for weather-proofing your entertainment area is that they can be customised to match the exteriors of your home. Not only does this provide an aesthetic appeal, but this can also help in increasing the value of your home.

Our quality waterproof shade sails fabrics at Rainbow Shade

I’m proud to say that Rainbow Shade is Australia’s leading supplier of waterproof shade fabrics, which are used by shade manufacturers all over Australia. Of our product range, we offer two waterproof fabrics, they are:

  • DRiZ: is a lightweight fabric, which offers exceptional UVR block of up to 100%. Featuring high tensile strength, proven longevity and durability, high flexibility and available in a range of colours, the DRiZ fabric is chosen by many leading Australian shade manufacturers, to provide customised waterproof shade sails for outdoor entertainment areas to clients.
  • Serge Ferrari: is another one of our highly acclaimed waterproof fabrics. A worldwide market leader, this fabric is UV resistant, offers great longevity and dimensional stability. This fabric is extremely easy to maintain and is available in a wide range of colours.

Rainbow Shade’s waterproof fabrics have been widely used for shade and all-weather protection across Australia for a number of years, and over this time, we have been fortunate to have our products receive praise for their superior quality of workmanship and high resistance to wear and tear. Our fabrics are the preferred fabrics used by some of Australia’s leading shade solution providers and all our clients recommend Rainbow Shade fabrics for use in their applications.


If you’re considering weather-proofing your outdoor entertainment area, then you should definitely consider opting for shade sails. They are an easy and affordable option when compared to permanent shade structures and they can be installed in very little time, with ease. Shade sails offer great protection from natural elements such as rain, wind, sun and UV rays and modern day shade sails can be customised to complement the exteriors of your building, adding more value to your home.

By now, you should be convinced about the benefits of shade sails and if you’re considering getting a shade sail installed for your outdoor entertainment area, get in touch with our team at Rainbow Shade. We can provide you with the closest shade solution specialist, who of course, uses only the best shade fabrics – Rainbow Shade Fabrics.