Updates to Australian Standards for Shade Cloth

The Australian Standard in its recent review has adopted the UVE (Ultra Violet Effectiveness) ranking scale. This clearly shows Schools, Councils and Early Learning Centres the level of sun protection offered by a shade fabric. UVE measures the sun protection effectiveness and ranks products into effective, very effective and most effective sun protection categories.

Our Z16 and Extreme 32 shade cloth ranges are extensively used for shade sails at Schools, Child Care Centres and Council playgrounds. This new UVE standard helps specifiers to identify which fabric is best suited to their shade sail or shade structure installation.


Z16 shade cloth provides up to 99% UVR block and all colours in the range fit within the new UVE Australian Standard rating system.


The good news is that all Rainbow Shades Z16 and Extreme 32 commercial shade fabric colours fit within the new UVE rating system. Many of which are within the Most effective category.

· Shadecloth is now referred to as shade fabric.

· A rating system for human sun protection uses has been introduced.

· Designation and colour codes based on cover factor have been revised.

· Designation by strength has been revised.

To download a copy of the Rainbow Shade UVE Rankings click here.

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Note that the information presented above is only a brief summary of the changes in the standard and manufacturers are advised to familiarise themselves with the full information about human protection and labelling in the revised standard.The revised standard, AS 4174:2018 Knitted and woven shade fabrics is available from SAI Global, https://infostore.saiglobal.com.

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