When it comes to creating comfortable shaded spaces for both commercial and residential use, shade sails have gained immense popularity over the years. These versatile structures offer an easy solution for protection against the scorching Australian sun. In this post, we cover why quality is important and some of the benefits offered by our fabrics.

Why Quality Matters for Shade Sails in Australia

Australia’s climate is notorious for its unpredictable and harsh characteristics. Regardless of your location, the soaring temperatures during the summer can catch you off guard and emphasises the importance of quality shade sails. When you opt for our shade sails, you’re not merely purchasing a shelter; you’re investing in a product meticulously tailored to withstand the rigors of Australia’s demanding weather conditions.

Protection from UV Rays

The sun’s powerful UV rays don’t just affect humans, they can cause significant damage to cars parked outside, outdoor furniture, and even your potted plants. Our shade fabric provides up to 99% UV protection. This means that you’re not only staying cool under your shade sail, but you and your belongings are also shielded from the harmful effects of prolonged sun exposure.

Moreover, our fabric is remarkably durable. Its breathability allows hot air to escape, ensuring that it doesn’t get trapped underneath the sail even on hot, humid days with no breeze. With a wide range of colour options, you can get as creative as you like to match your outdoor aesthetic.

Plan for Perfection

Choosing the right fabric and colour for your shade sail is essential, but before you get to the aesthetics, you need to get the fundamentals right. Planning is key, especially if your outdoor space has unique characteristics, like a small courtyard, a pool area, a balcony or a children’s play zone.

Consider how the sun moves throughout the day and seasons, factor in wind conditions, and ensure the sail has the correct degree of ‘fall’ to allow rain to run off efficiently without pooling.

Shade sails are typically attached to free-standing upright fixtures or existing structures like the side of a building. Keep in mind that while the shade cloth itself is lightweight, it exerts considerable force on these fixtures in varying weather conditions.

Get Ready for Summer

As the scorching Australian summer approaches, it’s time to assess your shade options. Since we manufacture our wide range of shade sail products designed for a variety of application you can ensure you get the best price possible.