Your pool is probably a favourite place when the sun starts shining. Great for cooling off in the midday heat and it’s a place to hang out with friends on warm summer evenings. But is it an area you’ve taken the time to decorate and add your personality to?

There are so many possibilities with poolside areas. You can keep it natural and green or even go a little wild adding in creative décor and funky design elements. Let’s take a look at some simple DIY methods to help you decorate your pool area.

Customised Pool Shade Sails

A customised shade sail will have many benefits for your pool area. It adds a splash of colour and a unique design element. Plus, it gives that all important rest from the suns unrelenting rays. Pool shade sails can be purchased in various colours, shapes and sizes. Another idea is to strategically place shade shade umbrellas at different points around your pool.

Let the Greenery Flourish

Maybe you have green fingers and love tinkering with your garden? Or if not, think about investing in some poolside greenery. Plants and trees have a calming effect and of course are beautiful to look at. Get a tropical feel with a few palm trees and add flowering plants around the pool edge for a touch of colour.

Add Poolside Lanterns

Poolside lanterns will not only light up the area, but they’ll give your pool a mysterious vibe. If you have friends coming over, or are planning a romantic meal with your partner, place gas lanterns around the poolside.

Have Themed Areas

You can really add your personality to the pool, with a few themed lounge areas. The idea behind it is to feel like you’ve been transported to another era or place in the world. Some ideas are Mexican, Mediterranean, Hawaiian, Victorian or vintage.

Simple Splashes of Colour

Splashes of colour add personality to any area of your home. If you want to elevate the energy levels, clash bright colours together like oranges and yellows. For a more laid back feel, think about adding cool whites with soft crèmes. Great places to do this are cushions on lounge beds or tablecloths in an eating area.

Unique Poolside Décor

While you don’t want to clutter up the poolside area, a few well-placed items can be useful and decorative. Loungers and chairs are obviously essential, but make them stand out with patterened cushions and throws. If you have a sofa area, throw a colourful rug in front to brighten up the floor space. For a bit of fun, choose a few unique statues to stand in bare areas. Tiki statues and Asian inspired Buddha pieces are really popular.