Having a shade sail installed is not only a smart move, but it’s also an investment. Not only does it offer fantastic shade benefits for a home, but it also increases the appeal and overall appearance of a home – which is especially important for resale. However, like most things, you do have to care and maintain your shade sail to ensure that it remains looking great and to also ensure it lasts as long as it should.

Being a shade fabric supplier, I’ve heard countless stories of people complaining that their shade sails (obviously not made from our fabrics) haven’t lasted as long as they should have. To help ensure that you get the most out of your shade sail, continue reading on as I outline some tips for cleaning and maintaining shade sails.

Get your shade sail installed properly

The best way to ensure that your shade sail lasts you years to come is to get it installed properly. Sure, some shade sails can also be installed DIY, but unless you’re really handy with tools and understand the design complexities, you should leave the installation to the experts. To help you choose a qualified shade sail installer, I strongly recommend you read my guide. I always recommend that you seek the services of professional shade sail installers, who can ensure that your shade sail is installed securely and properly and mishaps can thus be avoided.

Clean your shade fabrics regularly

Maintenance is another way that you can get your shade sail to last longer. Make sure to clean your shade fabrics regularly. As fabrics will be left out in the open, they will inevitably get stained with bird droppings, wet leaves, moulds and mildew on top of the fabric. Use mild detergents to clean Rainbow Shade fabrics and refrain from using harsh chemicals, which can damage the fabric. Regular cleaning will keep your shade sail looking good as new all year round.

Take down your shade sail when not in use

Although shade sails are designed to weather all outdoor conditions, including harsh the summer sun, rain and winds, you can greatly prolong the life of your shade sail by taking it down when not in use. During winter months, you may not need you shade sail and it is always a good idea to take it down and store it away for later use. Also, if you know of any approaching storms, cyclones or strong winds, you should look to take down your shade sail to keep it safe.

Rainbow Shade fabrics are well known to be extremely durable and they will last you for years to come. Our products are backed by limited warranties, so you can rest assured that you will be delivered only the best grade fabrics – only offered by Rainbow Shade.


Installing a shade sail is definitely a great idea, but you must always take care to maintain your shade sail so that it lasts you years to come. Make sure to get your shade sail installed by professionals, clean your shade fabrics on a regular basis and take down your shade sail when it is not being used. By following these simple tips, you can dramatically prolong the life of your shade sail.

If you think you have an inferior shade sail which hasn’t lasted as long as it should, then get in touch with us at Rainbow Shade so that you can be put on the right track in buying a high quality commercial grade shade sail. We’ll be happy to assist you in every way that we can!

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