Shade sails and outdoor awnings are incredibly versatile and can be used to cover pools, play areas, barbeque areas, patio areas and any other areas you want to protect yourself from the elements in. Your shade structure can be customised to suit your needs in a range of colours and shapes and of course can be made waterproof and UV safe.

Before you jump right into ordering your perfect shade sail, let’s take a minute to get to know what to look out for. This will help you navigate your way to the ultimate shade structure, that will beautify and protect your open spaces.

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The Do’s of Shade Sails

  • Make sure you plan the area you wish to place your shade sail in. Once you have an idea of the design you need, you can select a shade structure installer to give you a quote.
  • You’ll need to search for anchor points to attach your shade sail to. These need to be structurally sound and realise your shade sail may need up to 10% extra space as it may stretch over time. If no sturdy anchor points, you may need to fit posts.
  • Consult a professional to manufacture and erect your shade sail as they will ensure it is fitted and tested to a high standard. They can also advise on the best area to place your shade sail for longevity and maximum shade sail coverage.
  • Only deal with a top manufacturer of shade sails that has a gold standard reputation and uses quality fabrics like Rainbow Shades. Being in the business for 25 years you can be sure you’ll get the best fabric possible.
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The Don’ts of Shade Sails

  • Don’t try to save a few dollars by using cheap shade cloth on your shade sail. When installed these poor alternatives could lose shape, sag and even wear out sooner than expected.
  • Do not use strong chemicals or harsh detergents to clean your shade structure. These chemicals may harm your shade sail and strip off any treatment on the surface. Clean it with a PH Neutral detergent and warm water when needed.
  • Don’t store it away wet and dirty. If you take your shade sail down to store, make sure it is dry and free from any mold or debris.
  • Don’t expect every shade sail to be waterproof; you have to specifically request waterproof fabric. The Rainbow Shade Driz and Serge Ferrari shade sail fabrics both offer expert dry cover in wet weather. If you just want shade protection however, shade sails made using Z16 or Extreme 32 shade cloth are your best bet.
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