The colour of your shade sail can make or break the look of an outdoor space. Get it wrong and your homes exterior will feel a little disjointed. Get it right and your shade sail will look awesome and create a cool design aesthetic. It’s important to know the look you are going for, before purchasing a customised shade sail.

Do you want it to stand out, or to blend in seamlessly? Will your shade sail cover a kids play area or a patio where adults will hang out? The answers to these questions will help guide you to the ideal shade sail colour. Here are a few colour options to consider.

Black and White

Black and white is a classic colour combination. A black sail with white posts is one way to go. Another option is to layer shade sails together, black on white for a domino effect. This colour combination is ideal for a formal party area.

Black on Black

Black is an elegant, classy colour that demands attention. It also easily matches with just about any other colour scheme. So, whether your house is a classic white or brighter red brick, a black shade sail will fit in easily. A black shade sail with black posts creates a modern aesthetic, great for a meeting or entertainment space.

Cool Blue

Blue is the colour of the sky and has a wonderful calming effect. It’s a great option for a shade sail and is ideal for a pool or garden area. Plus, there are many blue hues to choose from, to create the effect you are looking for.

Classic Beige

Beige is a classic neutral colour that’ll fit in with any home or commercial property. It’s a colour that is said to have a soothing and calming effect, great for a shade sail covering a pool, a lounge area or even an outdoor yoga studio. A beige sail is ideal for beach homes and for properties surrounded by greenery.

Modern Grey

Grey is a cool, modern colour, that’ll let other bright colours pop. It will also work well if you want it to blend in with a darker coloured property. Try it in a formal location such as a restaurant or entertainment space. Just avoid grey if you have a cream or yellow based house, as these colours can clash.

Lily White

White is a timeless, classic and pure colour that gives off a clean, smart aesthetic. The bright white will stand out against the sky and lush green of a tropical garden. Choose a white shade sail for a bright, fresh and simple look, that is said to symbolize a new beginning.

Bright and Muted

Want your shade sail to stand out? If you like the idea of your shade sail making a statement, try layering a bright shade sail with a softer coloured one. A few ideas include green and black, orange and yellow or blue and brick red.