Everyone loves being outdoors, especially when we’re lucky enough to live in the beautiful country that is Australia, but one must not forget the importance of sun protection at all times.

Spending too much time outside, and being exposed to UV radiation and sunlight, may lead to different consequences; dry skin, sun spots, inflammation, and sunburn. In many cases, overexposure to sunlight without suitable protection leads to skin cancer. There are many ways in which you can protect yourself and your family, and sunshades are one of your options.

In this article, I will explain the benefits of sunshades, how they can protect from harmful sun rays, and why they are considered as an excellent option.

As the owner of Rainbow Shade, I specialise in providing high quality sunshade fabrics to protect Australians from harmful sun rays and to prevent skin cancer. Being overexposed to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation has a major negative impact on the skin cells. The UV radiation is damaging the cells, which may cause skin cancer. More than 2,000 people in Australia die each year from skin cancer, and 2 out of 3 Australians are diagnosed with it by the age of 70. Australia is one of the countries with the highest skin cancer rate in the world, and more than 750,000 Australians are treated each year. In most cases, the skin cancer is caused by exposure to sunlight, and UV radiation. When spending time outdoors, people don’t seem to take sunburns too seriously because they are not aware of the fact that sunburns cause 95% of melanoma, which is the most dangerous and deadly type of skin cancer. On an average summer weekend in Australia, almost 10% of kids, 25% of teenagers and 15% of adults are sunburnt. Usually, they get sunburnt during beach or pool activities, such as swimming or water sports, when gardening, or having a BBQ. When all these facts about skin cancer are taken into account, it is more than clear that proper protection is necessary, because that way, you can prevent skin cancer, and you can also prevent sun spots, inflammation, sunburns, dry skin and wrinkles. Outdoor fun is guaranteed, only when protection from the sunlight is at the highest possible level.

Sunshades are an outstanding solution, because they offer the ultimate level of protection. The sunshade fabrics on offer by Rainbow Shade can be used to create a range of sunshades including shade sails, shade structures, canopies, awnings, tension membranes and outdoor umbrellas. Because our fabrics are of the highest quality, you can be rest assured that all sunshades created from a Rainbow Shade product will provide the best protection for your family. Our offer includes a wide range of products, such as: Z16, eXtreme 32, DRiZ, and Serge Ferrari. For example, Z16 offers up to 99% high UV-R protection and a 10 year warranty while the waterproof sunshades made from Serge Ferrari 502 are extremely UV resistant and offer a 5-15 year warranty. These fabrics are perfect for a wide range of applications, including outdoor entertaining areas, shopping centre car parks, residential pools, commercial and residential architectural projects, schools and kindergartens, coffee shops, restaurants, and more. Our sunshade fabrics are of the highest quality, so they will be durable and long lasting, but most importantly, high UV-R protection is guaranteed.


There is nothing better than spending time outdoors, especially during the summer, when the weather is nice and sunny. In order to fully enjoy this time of year, protection from the sun and UV radiation is extremely important, because when you are protected, you will prevent many skin conditions, including skin cancer. The best way to stay safe and protected is with sunshades.

If you are looking for quality sunshades, then be sure it’s made from a Rainbow Shade product. Our sunshade fabrics provide protection and comfort, and all are available at affordable prices. We service Australia wide (including the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth), so whether you are in the shade industry, or just looking for sunshades for your home, get in touch and get the best solution with Rainbow Shade.