Shade sails and shade structures both do the same job – they protect you or your property from the elements. To create each, shade cloth is pulled under tension, in whatever colour, size and shape you choose.

The main differences are that a shade sail is attached to posts and a shade structure is supported by a frame. Both give you the brilliant benefits like UV protection, extending the usefulness of your outdoor space and adding a splash of uniqueness to the area.

Shade Sail or Shade Structure?

More and more home owners and business owners are seeing the great benefits of having a shade sail or shade structure on their property. Especially if you live in harsh climates like Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Darwin, Sydney, the Sunshine Coast or anywhere across Australia.

When it’s hot outside, the outdoor decking or yard becomes the new living area. Shade structures are essential to allow you to enjoy your outdoor space.

Whether you choose a shade sail or shade structure, depends on the area you plan to protect. Shade structures can be perfect over areas like a car parking space, over the area you keep a boat in or for a patio you spend time on.

Shade sails are also great for; swimming pools, gardens or yards, school play areas, shops which get large queues, stadiums or to cover outdoor seating areas at restaurants. Talk to the Rainbow Shade experts to help you decide which is best for you.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Shade Structure

When choosing a shade structure, you should define its purpose first. Do you want it to be visually striking or to blend in? Do you need more protection from the sun or stormy, wet conditions? Here are some other factors to consider;

  • Striking focal point shade structures are great for areas like tourist attractions, novelty stores or restaurants. The right colour and design of shade structure can really stand out and make your business have an impact
  • Functional shade structures are ideal for stadiums, children’s play areas, protection of assets like cars and caravans and swimming pools. These areas will want enhanced protection from UV rays and better airflow to keep people or an asset in good condition

What Is the Right Shade Cloth for Your Shade Structure?

One of the main factors to consider, before purchasing a shade structure is – what are the weather patterns in your area? Is it hot and muggy all year round, or do you have months of rain and hail? This decision will impact the type and quality of the shade cloth you choose.

  • The Extreme 32 shade cloth is extremely heavy duty, ideal for large scale shade structures. It’s designed for harsh conditions with high strength and stability. Perfect to protect assets like cars, caravans, boats or large commercial areas
  • The Driz shade cloth is waterproof and ideal for residential and light commercial shade structures
  • The Serge Ferrari is superb quality, ideal for commercial waterproof shade structures and to protect vehicles
  • The Z16 is a popular shade cloth with a high UV protection of up to 99%. Perfect to protect pools and children’s play areas
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