In Australia, it’s essential to have some sort of garden covering so you can enjoy your outdoor space. While it’s nice to get a little sun, too much can be seriously uncomfortable and harmful to the skin. Shade sails and gazebos offer great protection from the elements. But which is the better choice as your garden shade?

Shade sails and gazebos do have a few small differences, which may help sway your decision. Let’s take a look at shade sails vs gazebos.

Shade Sails

Shade sails are extremely versatile coming in a range of shapes and sizes. Protect your cars and vehicles from the heat with car port shade sails. Protect the pool and swim without getting burnt under a tailored residential shade sail. Protect the outside area of your café, restaurant, school or business with a commercial shade sail.

Choose from a range of quality shade cloths for your shade sail in different colours and even with your own branding. Once your shade sail is installed, it’s extremely low maintenance and sturdy. Even with the extreme Australian heat and adverse weather conditions, a shade sail is likely to last well past 10 years.

You can be rest assured, investing in a shade sail is money well spent. Versatile, stylish and durable, a shade sail is a great idea for any home wanting to make use of their outdoor space.


Gazebos are freestanding garden structures that are open and usually octagonal or hexagonal in shape. The majority of gazebos are made from wood or metal and have a seating area inside. Some will have a latticework fencing and some have curtains or drapes which can be pulled back or across for a sense of privacy.

Other names for a gazebo are; pergola, pavilion, pagoda, summerhouse, kiosk or rotunda. Solid gazebos are generally permanent structures although over the years more styles have been developed like the ‘pop up’ gazebo. This style can be put up very fast, usually in a few minutes and has a fabric, pointed covering.

Is a Shade Sail or Gazebo Right for You?

Shade sails and gazebos both provide excellent shade from the elements. If you choose a fixed gazebo, these will generally be more expensive to build and install. Once built, you are stuck with it in the same position so you need to be sure you won’t change your mind. A pre-built gazebo structure or kit, is a lot cheaper and gives you more versatility.

Shade sails are extremely cost effective due to their high quality and longevity. They are easy to maintain and can even be moved if you wish to re-arrange your garden area. You’ll get excellent cover from the elements and a high UV-R protection (up to 99%). Choose from a massive range of colours and styles to suit your property.