Quality Shade Sails in Toowoomba

Quality Shade Sails in Toowoomba

Toowoomba can experience extremely hot days during its spring and summer months. Shade sails in Toowoomba that use Rainbow Shade fabrics are a long lasting, cost effective and stylish solution. Our range of products allow you to protect your outdoor entertainment area or vehicles from Australia's damaging sun.

Cinnamon Z16 Residential Shade Sails

Are you looking to utilise your outdoor entertainment area all year round?Shade Sails allow you to protect yourself and your family from the harsh Australian sun, rain and elements. When it is summer in Toowoomba temperatures can soar into the mid to late thirties, meaning that if you want to use your homes outdoor space you will most certainly need shade coverage.

Shade sails offer you the benefit of reducing the heat and glare inside your home and can even help to protect your vehicles against sun damage and hail, this is a huge added benefit as the Toowoomba and Darling Downs region can receive some wild weather from time to time.

Rainbow Shade has been supplying high quality shade cloth to South East Queensland and Toowoomba for many years. Particularly our Z16 shade cloth which has been protecting Australians for over 23 years and comes with a 10 year warranty. Z16 shade cloth has up to 99% UVR block and has a designer range of 24 colours making it the perfect shade cloth for residential or commercial shade sails and shade structures.

If you want your shade sail or shade structure to provide all weather protection our DriZ waterproof shade cloth is the product for you. DriZ comes with a 5 year warranty and can shelter you from the sun,wind and rain.

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