Shade sails in Sydney

Sydney is considered to be one of the best cities to live in the world. It has beautiful beaches, an abundance of open spaces, a cosmopolitan culture and a wealth of buzzing bars, cafes and restaurants to enjoy. Not only that, but it has an excellent climate with mild winters and warm summers, so you can make the most of the outdoors.

However, to enjoy your garden, it’s essential to keep yourself protected from the suns harsh rays. And, the best way to do this is with shade sails that can be erected over your patio, BBQ area, yard, pool, car park space or any outdoor space you like to spend time in. Rainbow Shade are leading suppliers of quality shade fabrics in Sydney, Australia, for the last 25 years, which can withstand all weather conditions.

Enjoy the Features and Benefits of a Sydney Shade Sail

Do you enjoy entertaining on your patio? Or maybe the kids love to play in the garden? Shade structures can be used in so many ways and can be manufactured to your exact sizing, colour and shape. Here are a few of their main features and benefits:


Sydney Shade Sails Suitable for Many Different Applications

Sydney summers can get quite hot meaning you need to have a good amount of shade to protect yourself. To maximise the time you spend outdoors, well placed shade sails are ideal to position around your property. They’re much more affordable than permanent shade structures and can be moved to a new position if required.

Choose a car park shade sail to keep your car cool and the paintwork protected from fading. If you’re lucky enough to have a pool, a pool shade sail is ideal to prevent leaves and debris falling into it and it keeps the water temperature down. And, a residential shade sail can be set up over your patio and if positioned on the side of your house, it will help to lower the cooling costs for your home.

Quality Shade Fabrics that Can Be Highly Customised to Suit Your Needs

No matter what you plan to use your shade sail for, it can be manufactured to your exact preferences. Plus, each shade sail fabric comes with different specifications so you can choose the best one for you. Take a look at our main shade sail cloths below:

eXtreme 32

The eXtreme 32 is designed to be used in large spaces, typically for commercial applications. eXtreme 32 is a 320 GSM fabric which withstands all weather conditions and also offers up to 95.8% UVR protection. Featuring exceptional strength, high tear resistance and dimensional stability, this fabric is also rated for AS1530.3 fire retardant standard. Because of this, you’ll find eXtreme 32 to be a popular choice for car park shade sails, pools shade sails as well as school and kindergarten shade sails.


While protection from the weather is the prime concern for Sydney residences, many want shade sails that also look great. Z16 is the perfect solution – it is available in a choice of 22 designer colours. Moreover, Z16 is lightweight, highly tensile, easy to maintain and it also offers excellent UVR protection of up to 99%.


For shade sails that offer protection from both the sun and rain, DRiZ is the preferred fabric chosen by Sydney shade sail manufactures. While DRiZ offers all the benefits that Z16 provides, it also features a waterproof coating. This fabric is incredibly lightweight, durable, dimensionally stable and offers unmatched UVR protection of up to 100%. We supply DRiZ fabrics in a choice of 16 designer colours.

Serge Ferrari

Shade sail manufacturers in Sydney who cater to heavy-duty commercial applications prefer Serge Ferrari. While featuring the great qualities of all our other fabrics, Serge Ferrari features superior stability and strength. Moreover, this fabric is flame retardant, waterproof, easy to maintain and does not lose shape over time. We offer Serge Ferrari in a range of colours as well.

Order a Custom Sydney Shade Sail for Your Property Today

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