If you’re like me, you may not have a twelve car garage to store your two family cars in, now you have to choose which car you leave exposed outside. Maybe you do have a twelve car garage and you just bought your thirteenth car that now has to live outside. This can present a problem. If it’s a hot summers day, you’re going to hop into that car thinking that you’ve entered an oven. Or maybe you may get a storm warning – there’s a possibility of hail, now you have to cover that car in blankets and towels. These problems are all avoidable with a simple and cheap solution… install a shade sail.


Shade Sails Protect your Car from the Heat

 Something that most of us have experienced is that feeling of being blasted by that staggering heat when you open your car door, the seats are uncomfortably hot, you can’t even touch your seatbelt buckle and you spend the first ten minutes steering with two fingers. A shade sail is perfect for keeping your car out of the sun and in the shade, I mean they are literally called SHADE sails. Shade fabrics can block up to 97% of Infrared light which causes heat, keeping your car nice and cool. With your car being out of the sun it will stay cool avoiding it becoming a mobile oven. Our Z16 shade fabric can reduce the heat of your car by 50%.

They also Protect them from the Hail and Rain?!

 Not only will a shade sail protect your car from the sun, it will also protect it from the rain and the hail. In fact in areas where it hails frequently, car yards will cover their cars with a shade sail as it’s a cheap and efficient way to protect the cars from the hail. If you are looking for a shade sail fabric that is hail resistant our Z16 and Extreme 32 shade fabrics are perfect. Z16 and Extreme 32 shade fabric have been extensively tested against hail impact damage and both pass the hail simulation test ULTS 2218 (Impact Resistance of prepared roof coverings).

Shade Sails are Completely Customizable

Not only do shade sails protect your car, they also look great! A shade sail is actually very customizable, there is a huge variety of colours that they come in. There is no limit to the shapes and sizes they come in either! So you can choose whatever design you want to make the front of your house look even better.