Shade sails in Perth

For long-lasting shade sails in Perth, ask your manufacturer to use Rainbow Shade fabrics!

Similar to most cities in Australia, Perth experiences brilliant weather conditions throughout the year. However, summers in Perth can get hot, while winter receives a lot of rain. For this reason, all-weather shade solutions such as shade sails are in high demand. At Rainbow Shade, we have been supplying premium fabrics to Perth shade sail manufacturers for over 25 years now. Our fabrics exhibit incredible strength, durability and excellent UVR protection, which consequently, awarded us the honour of being the preferred supplier for many manufacturers. With our help, Perth shade sail manufacturers can now offer high quality products to their customers. We’re proud to state that the quality of our shade fabrics is unmatched in the Australian market.

Rainbow Shade products

Unlike other Australian shade fabric suppliers, we do not offer a wide range of product lines. Instead, we focus on providing the best shade fabrics that have been tailor-made to suit Australia’s weather conditions. Laguna-Z16-Residential-Pool-Shade-Sail We offer four fabrics, which include Z16, DRiZ, Serge Ferrari and eXtreme 32. Each has their own unique characteristics, but share one thing in common – exceptional quality.


Z16 is our most sought after fabric for shade sails – not just in Perth but also all across Australia. Z16 offers superior UVR protection of up to 99%, making it suitable for commercial and residential shade sails. Z16 is durable, strong, lightweight and incredibly easy to maintain. Best of all Z16 fabric is available to shade sail manufacturers in 22 designer colours.


A big advantage for shade sail manufacturers in Perth is to be able to offer shade sails that protect against both the sun and the rain. DRiZ enables said manufactures to offer just that. A special variant of our Z16 with a waterproof coating, DRiZ offers up to 100% protection from UVR. This fabric offers all the merits of Z16 and is available in 16 designer colours.

Serge Ferrari

Serge Ferrari is a heavy-duty PVC fabric that offers added strength and durability as compared to our other products. This waterproof fabric is resistant to tearing, exceptionally strong, UV stabilised and flame retardant, making it perfect for demanding commercial applications. If you’re looking for heavy-duty shade sails in Perth, manufacturers find no better solution than Serge Ferrari.

eXtreme 32

Finally comes eXtreme 32, which is best suited for use in commercial shade sail applications. eXtreme 32 features incredible dimensional stability and is therefore, most commonly used in large shade sails for car parks and playgrounds. Fire rated, easy to maintain and extremely durable, it offers up to 95.8% UVR protection. All of these shade fabrics have been manufactured and tested to meet Australian standards of quality. To demonstrate the superior quality of our fabrics, we offer a limited warranty ranging from 5-20 years on our products.

Why request for Rainbow Shade fabrics for shade sails in Perth?

With all the benefits mentioned above, your question should be rather “Why not request Rainbow Shade fabrics for shade sails in Perth”! Our products are far superior to some of the low-quality shade sails that you will find at many hardware stores in Perth. You will find that shade sails that are made out of our fabrics will last up to 10 times longer. Moreover, our fabrics will not fade nor will their shape or quality deteriorate over time; the UVR protection, durability and longevity offered by our products are unmatched in the market. Thanks to the limited warranty that we offer, you will have complete peace of mind when requesting that your shade sail manufacture use a Rainbow Shade fabric. Wherever in Perth you’re located, be it Crawley, East Perth, Kings Park, Northbridge, Perth, West Perth, you’ll have no trouble finding one of our partners to manufacture your shade sails. Don’t trust low-quality shade sails. Request your shade sail manufacturer to use high quality Rainbow Shade fabrics for superior performance. Call us today and we’ll put you through to a shade sail manufacturer closest to you who uses Rainbow Shade fabrics. You will not go wrong in choosing to go with us.