Shade Sails on the Central Coast

Through living on the Central Coast I’m sure that you  have an understanding of the extremes that Australian weather can throw at you, from the harsh sun to torrential rainfall. Maybe you’re here looking for protection from this weather. Lucky for you, here at Rainbow shade we provide premium and proven shade sails on the Central Coast that will combat whatever weather Australia wants to throw at it.


Our Range


If you are looking for a shade sail to protect you from the sun, our Z16 shade cloth is perfect for you! As one of Australia’s most popular shade cloth fabric brands, Z16 holds an unrivalled reputation for durability, UV-R protection and quality.

Extreme 32

eXtreme 32 is most commonly used in commercial shade sails on the Central Coast. This fabric features exceptional strength, high durability, tear resistance and high longevity. It also offers UVR protection of up to 95.8%.


Our DRiZ is a special variant of Z16 that features a waterproof coating. It holds all the benefits that Z16 with the additional benefit of being waterproof. Yes, waterproof! DRiZ offers up to 100% UVR protection and is very durable making it perfect for the extreme rain that Australia loves to provide.

Serge Ferrari

Serge Ferrari is suitable for heavy-duty shade sails on the Central Coast. This French based fabric features dimensional stability, flame retardant, waterproof, UV resistant and highly durable. Moreover, Serge Ferrari is exceptionally easy to maintain, making it the shade fabric of choice for many Central Coast businesses.

Why Choose Rainbow Shade Products

Rainbow Shade fabrics are tailor made to suit Australian weather conditions, including that of the Central Coast. Our fabrics offer unmatched UV-R protection and can withstand heavy rains and strong winds with ease. With the uncertainty of the Australian weather, it’s nice to have consistent protection with our premium shade sails, proven and tested to withstand the Australian sun, heavy rainfall, extreme wind and even hail. Whether you live in Gosford, Wyong, Tuggerah or anywhere on the Central Coast, find protection from all weather conditions with our shade sails.

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