Shade structures are a great addition to any home or business offering durable protection and a stylish look. Made from high density polypropylene (HDPE), this is weaved together into a tough mesh which produces the protective, highly stable shade sail fabric.

Shade structures can be used in multiple ways around your home. They will offer protection from the elements, increased outdoor entertainment space and a striking design element. Extremely durable, adaptable and affordable, shade sails are the number one choice to protect, improve and add value to your property.

Create an Alfresco Entertainment Space

You may already be partial to a summer barbeque and a shade sail is the most affordable way to protect this area. Your chosen shade cloth can be cut and fitted to your exact specifications, allowing you to keep guests cool at your next event.

Protect a Children’s Play Area

Children love playing outside, but will need to be protected from the suns harsh UV rays. A shade structure is a cost effective way to protect your children’s play area and keep your children safe under a quality solar protective fabric.

Shade the Sunny Side of Your Home

If set up in the correct area against the sunny side of your home, a shade sail can seriously cool down the inside of your property. In the height of the summer, after your shade sail has been installed, you may even notice a lowering of your utility bills, due to not having to use the AC as much.

Protect Vehicles or a Pool Area

A pool shade sail or car park shade structure is ideal to keep pool lovers and cars cool. A perfectly positioned pool shade structure, can give you more time in the pool cooling off and less time getting sunburnt! And of course, it goes without saying no-one wants to get into a car that is like an oven.

Open Up the Dining Area Around Your Restaurant

If you’re lucky enough to have an outside area around your restaurant, you may not get the most use out of it in adverse weather conditions with no protection. A commercial shade sail is ideal to protect the outdoor seating area, giving you more space to fill up with customers and make more cash. Even when the weather turns bad, a waterproof shade sail gives guests the ability to enjoy the outdoor space.

A well-positioned shade sail will add value to your business or home and increase the amount of usable area. Talk to the expert team at Rainbowshade for more information on the right shade structure for your needs.