Shade sails in Melbourne

Are you looking for quality, affordable shade sails for your Melbourne home or business? Rainbow Shade are one of the leading shade fabric suppliers that are suitable for any application. Melbourne is renowned for its sporadic weather, ranging from powerful sunshine one day to thunderstorms with heavy rainfall and wind the next day. To protect yourself, it’s important to invest in the right shade structures that are durable and strong. Rainbow Shade provides a diverse selection of shade fabrics to shield you from the unpredictable weather that Melbourne may bring, ensuring the protection of your family and property, giving you peace of mind. Regardless of the season, our shade sail fabric range will allow you to enjoy your outdoor spaces in comfort year-round.

Enjoy the Features and Benefits of a Melbourne Shade Sail

There are many benefits to investing in shade sails for your outdoor spaces. Not only do they protect you from harsh weather conditions, but they are extremely aesthetically pleasing. Here are a few of their main features and benefits:


Melbourne Shade Sails Suitable for Many Different Applications

Melbourne is known for its changeable seasons, so if you want to enjoy your outdoor spaces year-round, you need the right protection. Luckily, Rainbow Shade has shade fabrics to protect you no matter what the weather decides to do. We also have shade sails that can be used for a variety of different applications.

Enhance your outdoor living experience by selecting a residential shade sail to safeguard your patio, garden, or BBQ area. Indulge in a refreshing pool dip while shielded from the scorching heat under a pool shade sail or outdoor umbrella. Avoid the discomfort of entering a sunbaked vehicle by safeguarding your car and other vehicles with a car shade sail. If you own a business, ensure the protection of your customers with a tailored commercial shade sail.

High Quality Shade Fabrics that Protect You from the Sun, Wind and Rain

Never get caught out in the heat, rain or hail! Rainbow Shade has a shade sail fabric to suit all weather conditions. We even have a waterproof shade sail (DriZ), that will keep you dry, but still allows natural light through. Take a look at our main shade sail cloths below:

DRiZ is a special blend of Z16 with a waterproof coating to offer all-weather protection. Available in 16 designer colours, DRiZ is the preferred choice for shade sails in schools and kindergartens, cafes and restaurants and domestic residences across Melbourne. This fabric is incredibly lightweight, features high tensile strength and exhibits proven durability and longevity. It also offers unmatched UVR protection of up to 100%.


Z16 is an extremely popular shade sail fabric in Melbourne for small and medium sized applications. Shade sails made out of Z16 are used in, car parks and residences. This fabric is available in a choice of 22 designer colours, allowing shade sail manufacturers to offer creative designs. Z16 is lightweight, durable, easy to maintain and offers excellent UVR protection of up to 99%.

eXtreme 32 is a popular commercial grade shade fabric that is extensively used in large shade sails across Melbourne. You’ll find this fabric used in school and kindergarten playground shade sails, car parks shade sails and backyard shade sails all over the city. eXtreme 32 offers UVR protection of up to 95.8%. Its durability, resilient to wear and tear, exceptional strength, flame resistance and low- maintenance are some reasons why eXtreme 32 is perfect for such applications.

Serge Ferrari

Serge Ferrari is our most resilient and durable waterproof fabric in our product range. Made out of high grade waterproof PVC fabric, Serge Ferrari is suitable for use in demanding commercial applications that require all-weather protection. This superior fabric is tear resistant, flame retardant, durable and dimensionally stable. Serge Ferrari is also UV stabilised and easy to maintain.

Order a Custom Shade Sail for Your Home or Business Today

Are you ready to invest in a custom shade structure for your Melbourne property? Contact Rainbow Shade today and we can put you in contact with your nearest manufacturer that sells our shade sail fabrics.