Shade sails certainly are one of the most popular shade solutions in Australia, I bet at least one house in your street is having one installed, right?

They are designed to provide ultimate protection from the sunlight at affordable cost which makes them an ideal choice for not only homes, but commercial establishments as well.

But, there is more to shade sails than simply buying them. Once bought the shade sails need to be installed and there are several things you must consider when looking for someone to install shade sails and shade structures.

In this article, I will summarise the checklist designed to assist consumers when selecting a shade structure installer, created by Specialised Textiles Association. As the owner of Rainbow Shade, a company that specialises in shade fabrics, primarily used for the construction of shade sails, I thought this resource would be of benefit to ensure your shade sails are constructed to the same high quality as our shade cloth fabrics.

A checklist provided by the STA will certainly be of great help, and once you gather all the information considered necessary, you will know if the installer you have in mind is actually the right one to do the job. You need to hire someone who always works according to regulations and standards, and there are several very important things you should consider.

The installer – one of the main questions is the license, and your installer must have one. Make sure to check their license number. Business experience is also significant, as well as references from other clients. Make sure to check these, because references will tell you a lot about previous similar jobs the installer has completed (or failed to complete), and the overall experience of other customers. Also, gather information about what percentage of the work is done by the contractor directly, and what percentage of the work is done by others.

The contract – when it comes time to contact, check if there is a written quote, and if GST is included. Another question is whether or not you have a contract, and does that contract include terms and conditions and price. Learn more about warranties, and ask if they are offered for workmanship and materials. In some cases, a building permit or council approval is required, so you will have to check this out with the local council authority. Ask if insurance is available.

The product – you need to find out if all components quoted are similar or the same. Make sure you are satisfied with the shade sail design, and check if the design meets all the shade requirements. Also, check if the product is engineered. If you’re still not sure what shade cloth fabric to choose then it’s worthwhile doing your homework as inferior shade cloths will perish and stretch in no time.

Other considerations – ask about safety measures, and removal of spoils, protection of the site and the security.

Click here to view the checklist in its entirety or continue reading below to find out more about the superior shade cloth fabrics available right here at Rainbow Shade.

Shade Cloth fabrics for Shade Sails.

All Rainbow Shade’s products are suitable for shade sails, this being: Z16 and eXtreme 32 for standard shade sails, or DRiZ and Serge Ferrari for waterproof shade sails. Our shade fabrics are high-quality, long lasting, durable, strong, and easy to maintain. They are available in a wide range of colours, and you will certainly find one perfect for your needs.

We offer shade fabrics specially designed to provide outstanding UV-R protection, up to 99%, and they also provide ultimate comfort and enjoyment regardless of weather conditions. With our shade fabrics, you can rest assured you will be properly protected under the shade sails and have peace of mind knowing all are backed with a dependable warranty.

Rainbow Shade has been supplying high quality shade sail fabrics to the shade industry for over 25yrs throughout Australia, including the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.


Shade sails are an excellent shade solution, and also one of the most popular ones. When you choose the ideal shade sail, the next step is to choose the installer, and you will need someone who works according to regulations and standards. The Specialised Textiles Association created a checklist to help the consumers choose the best installer, and the checklist includes the most important things that should be carefully considered. In order to be sure the shade sail installer is right, you will need to gather information about the installer, contract, product, and safety measures.

Rainbow Shade distributes high quality shade cloth and shade fabrics used for shade sails Australia-wide, and we are considered as the leaders in the industry. View our shade fabrics, or contact us for your local shade sail installer.