Through living in Bendigo I’m sure that you’re quite familiar with the extremes that Australian weather can throw at you, from the harsh sun to torrential rainfall. Lucky for you, here at Rainbow shade we provide premium and proven shade sails in Bendigo that will combat whatever weather Australia wants to throw at it.


Our Range

Rainbow Shade offers multiple products to suit all your needs – whether you’re looking for a residential shade sail, a commercial shade sails or even a waterproof shade sail.


If you want a shade sail over your pool, your car or even your outdoor entertaining area our Z16 range is the perfect shade fabric for you! Its unrivalled UV-R protection, light and strong properties and longevity are only a handful of reasons why it is one of Australia’s leading shade fabric brands.

eXtreme 32

eXtreme 32 is very popular in Australia, especially when it comes to commercial shade sails. This is due to the fabric being exceedingly strong and durable. These properties make eXtreme 32 extremely tear resistant and increase the fabrics longevity. eXtreme 32 also provides UV-R protection of up to 95.8%.


Our DRiZ range offers not only protection from the sun, but also from the rain. This product is much like our Z16 range but with a waterproof coating. This means that it still offers the unrivalled UV-R protection while keeping you dry when the rain pours down making it an easy solution to the wet season Australia loves to provide.

Serge Ferrari

Serge Ferrari is another popular product of ours. It offers a waterproof solution that is extremely durable and easy to maintain and clean. With these properties, our Serge Ferrari range is a very popular solution among many businesses in Bendigo.

Why Choose Us

We pride ourselves on our premium products and are exceptionally confident in the protection these products provide and the longevity of each of them. So no matter what shade sail in Bendigo you’re after, here at Rainbow Shade we are confident that we provide the perfect solution to meet your needs.