Australia loves to throw all kinds of extreme weather our way and unfortunately Ballarat doesn’t escape this. One day it is pouring down with rain and the next day it is blistering hot. Sadly, we can’t control the weather, but we can protect ourselves from the uncertainties of this weather. Here at Rainbow shade we provide premium and proven shade sails in Ballarat that will combat whatever weather Australia wants to throw at it.


Our Range

Here at Rainbow Shade we have a wide range of products to suit your needs.


Our Z16 range is one of Australia’s most popular shade fabrics. When it comes to blocking out the harmful sun you won’t find many shade fabrics like Z16 as it can block up to 99% of UV-R. Even with the supreme protection, Z16 still manages to be a light and strong shade cloth making it perfect for any residential shade sail in Ballarat.

eXtreme 32

If you want a commercial shade sail in Ballarat, eXtreme 32 is a well favoured shade cloth. Like our Z16 range it offers outstanding UV-R protection. The shade cloth is also extremely strong making it’s durability unrivalled.

Waterproof Shade Sails

If you are looking to install a waterproof shade sail in Ballarat our DRiZ  and Serge Ferrari range is perfect for you. Both offer high UV-R protection and extreme protection from all weather conditions that Ballarat wants to throw at you.

Why Choose Rainbow Shade Products

Rainbow Shade fabrics only offer you the highest quality and best products. All of our products are designed to protect our customers from the harsh Australian weather. So if you’re looking for a shade sail in Soldiers Hill, Alfredton, Delacombe or anywhere in Ballarat, then look no further than  Rainbow Shade products.