Do you need more shade in your backyard? Are you tired of cleaning foliage from natural shade like trees? A shade sail is certainly the solution you are seeking. It offers a cheap, fast and efficient way of creating a sun safe shaded area.

The sun emits Ultraviolet rays which can be very harmful. Prolonged exposure to these rays could lead to sunburn and skin damage. It could also lead to more serious effects like premature skin aging, eye damage, skin cancer or suppression of the immune system.

A typical shade sail consists of 4 posts and a canopy connected to a fixing point on each of the 4 posts. The canopy is made of a shade cloth fabric. A large shade sail may have more anchor points between which a flexible shade cloth fabric canopy is tensioned.

Our shade sail cloths for your home are a great source of shade. They enable you to transform your outdoor space into a sanctuary. Moreover, they are cheaper compared to fixed roof structures. They block harmful UV rays from reaching the occupants while diminishing the heat experienced beneath the shade cloth fabric canopy. They are also very versatile hence you can build a customized shade sail that is best suited for your needs and backyard space. You can also install a shade sail as a carport or pool shade too.

In every shade structure, the shade cloth fabric plays a key role. It’s charged with providing protection from the harmful rays. It also determines the lifespan of the shade sail or any other shade structure you intend to build.

A good quality shade cloth fabric is one with high Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) for maximum sun protection like our Z16. Z16 offers industry-leading protection from UVR ranging between 83.3-99% and shade coverage of 62.4-97% for protection from the suns heat depending on the color of shade cloth fabric.

Z16 also comes in 24 colours that enables you to choose the colour you deem most suitable for your backyard or home. It is also easy to maintain to ensure your shade sail lasts many years to come and is backed with a 10-year warranty.

Extreme 32 shade cloth is equally as impressive. It is also very durable with a 10 year warranty. It offers 95.8% protection from UV rays. While exhibiting dimensional stability this fabric offers high tear resistance as well, making it suitable for very large shade sails. Like Z16, it’s easy to care for and maintain.

Unlike Z16 shade cloth fabric though, Extreme 32 is better suited to large commercial shade sails. Therefore if you have a large backyard on which you intend to build a shade, Extreme 32 has got you covered.

If you are looking for a waterproof shade cloth fabric then DriZ is the fabric for you. DriZ comes with a 5 year warranty and offers 16 designer colours to complement your home or business.