Shade sails are fortresses packaged in a manner that we can construct them where we want to, including our backyards. When nature unleashes scathing weather be it the scourging hot Australian sun or the recent storms that hit Ocean Drive and South Geelong suburbs, quality shade sails can live on.

The best shade sails Geelong City has to offer

According to Advertiser Geelong, the winds experienced during the storm were as high as 115Kph. The resulting floods rendered many homes inhabitable for a couple of days.

Every homeowner should consider constructing shade sails in their backyard that can stand up to wild storms. Rainbow shade sails can withstand winds traveling at 90kph and above, we have the customers to prove it. Some verandas, balconies, and pergolas can not even withstand those types of conditions.

Unlike built structures that can leave behind debris when they collapse shade sails can be safer. Moreover, shade sails are easy to undo and their foldable nature keeps them safe until the storm has passed in case you don’t want them to stay put during the storm. Even if shade sails are left put, they allow the wind to pass through unobstructed hence lowering the chances of the adjacent walls being hit hard by the winds.

For a shade sail to serve you well even in such weather, it ought to have been made from a quality shade cloth fabric like our Z16. Z16 can convert your backyard into a sanctuary during summer by giving you up to 99% protection from Ultra Violet Rays (UVR). Exposure to UVR leads to sunburns, aging of the skin and even skin cancer. This shade cloth fabric comes with a 10-year warranty and is known for its ability to last in the harsh Australian sun.

Z16 has a high tensile strength and is lightweight. It is also easy to maintain. This shade cloth is designed to offer an excellent cover factor and excellent heat reduction hence the shaded area beneath is cool even during the heat of summer. It comes in 24 colours enabling you to pick the one that matches best with your house or yard.

Extreme 32 is even stronger. It has a higher strength and is dimensionally stable. Besides its extreme strength, it offers up to 95.8% protection against UV Rays. Like Z16 it comes with a 10-year warranty. It is very durable and relatively light compared to other shade cloth fabrics with closely similar characteristics. Extreme 32 is easy to maintain. Both the Z16 and the extreme are very durable and can outlive whatever the weather throws their way.

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