For architects, schools, and councils, we understand the importance of creating safe outdoor environments for children and parents. Playground shade plays a crucial role in protecting children and adults from harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays. Therefore, we recommend that all outdoor playgrounds should have playground shade sails installed as a mandatory requirement.


Benefits of Playground Shade Sails

When it comes to playground shade sails, they offer a dual benefit of providing a cooler climate over the playground while filtering out harmful UV radiation. It is imperative to create an environment that promotes outdoor play while ensuring the safety and well-being of children. Shade sails provide a practical solution to this need.

High UV Protection for Kids and Adults

At Rainbow Shade, we offer a range of shade fabrics that provide up to 99% UV block, ensuring high protection for children and adults. Our fabrics have been tested and proven to filter out harmful UV radiation and keep the playground cool, creating a comfortable and safe outdoor environment for children to play in.

Unrivalled Colour Range

Our shade fabrics come in an extensive range of designer colours, ensuring that you can find the perfect colour to match your playground, school or park. Our bright colours can liven up your playground, while our natural colours can blend the shade sail into the environment. You can choose from our Z16DriZ, Extreme 32 or Serge Ferrari PVC depending on the size of your playground or if you want to waterproof your shade sail.

Proven Longevity in Parks and Recreational Areas

Here at Rainbow Shade, we pride ourselves on proven performance and longevity, having built a reputation for delivering high-quality shade sails across Australia for the past 28 years. Our shade fabrics contain the highest quality raw materials, colourants and UV stabilizers, ensuring dependable warranties on all our shade fabric products. Our shade sails have been extensively used in parks and recreational areas, proving their durability and long-lasting performance.

In conclusion, playground shade sails are an essential requirement for creating safe outdoor environments for children and adults. Rainbow Shade provides a range of high-quality shade cloth fabrics, offering superior UV protection and proven longevity. We have a wide range of colours and options to choose from, making it easy to transform any playground or park into a safe and exciting outdoor environment. Choose Rainbow Shade for your playground shade sail needs and create a safe and welcoming outdoor environment for children and adults alike.