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Brisbane is a lively and vibrant city that thrives with culture and exciting events year round. The weather is warm, with the average temperature sitting at 26 degrees Celsius. Because of its great climate, Brisbane is the ideal place to enjoy the outdoors with barbeques in the back yard and soaking up the sun by the pool.

While spending time in the open air is fun, getting the right shade for your Brisbane garden is essential to protect your family and equipment from different weather conditions. Too much sun can be harmful to the skin and can even start to fade items such as chair cushions and the paint on a vehicle. Invest in a customised residential shade sail and have peace of mind your assets are protected.

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Enjoy the Many Benefits of a Shade Sail in Brisbane

Do you have a spacious patio to enjoy barbeques with family and friends? Or maybe you like to sit out at lunchtime and read a book? Shade sails are an affordable way to shade your outdoor spaces, so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces safe in the knowledge that you’re protected from the sun. Here are a few benefits of investing in a shade sail:

Brisbane Shade Sails Suitable for Many Different Applications

Our shade sails can be made to suit the needs of residential and commercial properties. We use shade sail fabrics that can be customised to fit different applications, both stylishly and colourfully. Choose a residential shade sail to shade a garden, patio or yard.  Car port shade sails are ideal to protect different sized cars and vehicles from the blazing heat. Pool shade sails protect your friends and family from the suns UV rays so they can swim comfortably. And commercial shade sails and waterproof shade sails are perfect to protect restaurant or café guests from the elements, so they stay seated longer and spending more money!

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High Quality Shade Sail Fabrics for Year-Round Weather Protection

Our shade sail fabrics are designed to protect Brisbane resident’s year round, from the extreme summer sun and during the months when torrential rain and heavy winds take over.
Take a closer look at the features of each of our shade cloths, to decide which is best for you.

Our DRiZ shade fabric is especially popular for shade sails in Brisbane, as it suits the needs of both residential and commercial customers. This fabric is highly durable, lightweight (280 GSM) and incredibly easy to setup, dismantle or maintain. Moreover, DRiZ is resistant to all weather conditions – it is waterproof and offers unmatched UVR protection of up to 100%. It is also available in a range of 16 colours.


Z16 is the most popular fabric for shade sails, not only in Brisbane but also all over the world. Incredibly lightweight (200 GSM), highly durable and tensile, this fabric can withstand even the harshest weather conditions with ease. Z16 is proven to offer UVR protection of up to 99%, making it perfect for use in Brisbane’s weather. If you’re looking for stylish shade sails in Brisbane, Z16 will do well to meet your needs as it is available in 24 colours. We even offer an outstanding 10-year warranty on this fabric.

Across Brisbane, commercial shade sail manufacturers prefer Extreme 32. This is because it is dimensionally stable, fire rated and requires little to no maintenance. It is slightly heavier than our other fabrics (320 GSM) and offers great UVR protection of up to 95.8%. Many shade sails for pools, car parks, schools and other large areas in Brisbane are made out of this fabric. We offer a 15-year warranty on Extreme 32.

Serge Ferrari is a unique PVC waterproof fabric that is ideal for use in heavy-duty commercial applications. Featuring high durability, exceptional strength, fire resistance and high stability, Serge Ferrari is designed to withstand any weather condition. This fabric is also UV rated and fungicide treated for extra longevity. Serge Ferrari have put in years of development behind their products and that’s why it is used extensively in commercial applications across Brisbane.

Quality Brisbane Shade Sails for Your Home or Business

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