If you’re in the market for a shade sail, the thing you need to focus on is the shade fabric of which it is made.This will determine whether your shade sail will have a high UV-R rating and lifespan.

The last thing you want to do is spend your hard earned money running to your local hardware store just to find out that you’ve bought an inferior product because it was made from a low grade shade fabric.

Rainbow Shade prides itself on offering some of Australia’s highest quality commercial shade fabrics, so this is one particular area that we certainly know a lot about. Continue reading this article as I explain what to look for in a shade fabric to ensure your shade sail is made of only the highest quality fabrics.

Fabric quality

When considering shade fabric quality, you will find that in the market canvas fabrics and high density polyethylene (HDPE) fabrics. As a rule of thumb, the best knitted shade fabrics are made out of HDPE and they also contain UV additives. High quality HDPE fabrics, such as Z16, has been known to last over 15 years in the harsh Australian sun and offer maximum protection from UV rays as well.


Stitching is another important aspect to consider when choosing shade fabrics. High quality shade sails are stitched with PTFE threads and connection points are often triple reinforced, sometimes with vinyl patches between layers for extra reinforcement. Quality stitching thread prevents UV break down as it contains extremely high levels of UV stabilisers.

UV protection

Not all shade fabrics in the market offer the same amount of UV protection. Typically, cheaper fabrics offer low UVR block and before you jump into making a purchase, you should always consider the UVR block of a fabric. While a minimum of 93.3%of UVR block is recommended by ASTM standards, you can also find quality shade fabrics in the market, such as our Rainbow Shade fabrics, which offer up to 99% UVR block.


Finally, when purchasing shade fabrics, you should always consider the warranty that is offered on the fabric. High quality shade fabrics can easily last up to 15 years, even when kept outdoors under the harsh Australian sun. As such, the best fabrics in the industry feature up to 15 years warranty both on the quality of the material, as also on the workmanship. Warranties ensure that you always have peace of mind with your purchase.

Here, at Rainbow Shade, we are completely committed to supplying only the highest quality of shade fabrics to shade solution providers across Australia. All our products reflect the highest level of workmanship, offer great UVR block and are backed by extended warranties. When you buy a shade solution which makes use of Rainbow Shade fabrics, you can rest assured that you will be delivered fabrics that last you years to come.


If you’re looking for quality shade sails, then there are more than a few things you need to consider. A high quality shade fabric is one which is made out of quality HDPE material, features quality stitching, has a considerable UVR block capacity and features a warranty of both the fabric as well as on workmanship. If you fail to consider these points, then you may end up purchasing inferior grade fabrics, which you must definitely look to avoid.

Don’t make the mistake of buying inferior shade fabrics. You must always look to buy shade sails made from only the best shade fabrics. Request that your shade sail manufacturer uses Rainbow Shade fabrics, which are the best in the industry. As an alternative, contact us and we will provide you with a shade sail manufacturer close to your location, which of course, makes use of Rainbow Shade fabrics.