Shade Cloth for UV and Hail Protection

When you are considering a shade fabric for use in a shade sail you want to ensure that it meets a number of important criteria. For the fabric component of the shade sail these attributes would be high Ultra Violet protection, product longevity and high strength. When you purchase a Rainbow Shade fabric you get all of these benefits and more.

We all know that shade sails manufactured with shade cloth fabrics such as Z16 and Extreme 32 are great for protecting ourselves and our assets such as cars and equipment from the suns harmful UV rays for many years, but did you know that our shade fabrics also have another key benefit! Our Shade fabrics are designed to be resistant to hail damage.

For many home and business owners getting value for money is crucial. That is why it is important to choose a shade cloth fabric that can protect you and others from the Sun and can also protect you and your place of business from serious damage and costs associated with hail.

With weather conditions seeming to become more and more turbulent you will be surprised to know that our shade cloth fabrics has been rigorously tested against hail damage. Both in laboratory hail test simulations and out in the field by severe hail and thunderstorms.

Not only have our shade sail fabrics proven their worth out in the elements but due of their unique manufacturing process and high quality raw materials they can also return to their former shape and design, even after filling up with hail stones. This allows whatever is under the shade sail to remain protected and also means you may not need to fork out more money to replace your shade sail due to damage.

These test results are no fluke. Many decades of research and development have gone into producing our state of the art fabrics. When you purchase a Rainbow Shade fabric you are receiving the highest quality on the market and with our Z16 and Extreme 32 fabric ranges you can rest assured knowing you are getting dependable strength and protection.

Below are two videos, the first is an in house laboratory hail test against a 15 year old piece of weathered Z16 shade fabric and the second is a customer’s footage of a severe hail storm where our shade fabric not only protected him and his home but also returned to shape after filling up with a huge amount of hail.

View the videos below to see the difference you get with a high quality shade fabric such as our Z16 or Extreme 32 product ranges.

For more information on either of the two fabric ranges mentioned in this post above please click one of the links above. To view other Solar and Weather protection fabrics available from Rainbow Shade click here.

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