While everyone in Australia knows what a shade sail is, the same cannot be said about a shade canopy. A canopy is defined as an ornamental, roof-like projection or covering, otherwise put, a form of covering which is usually supported by poles.

By definition alone, this is exciting for us here at Rainbow Shade, because there is no exact form that a canopy must meet, its true beauty lies in the architecture that it creates and that can be varied! A shade canopy can be many things, but most commonly it will be a shade structure over a playground, or a tent-like structure used for a variety of applications – if there is an area that needs to be covered, know that you can get the perfect solution with a canopy.

In this article, I will explain why a shade canopy provides flexible sun protection.

Outdoor living has become very important over the years, especially in Australia, and every day, I see more an increasing number of home and business owners appreciating the benefits it offers. Decks and patios are becoming more sophisticated, and are becoming the new living space when the weather is nice and sunny. But for full enjoyment and comfort, any outdoor living space needs either shade, or all-weather protection. While there are many different shade solutions, shade canopies are among the most popular. The beauty of a shade canopy is that it can be custom designed to fit any application and cover any area, and best of all, they look astonishing!

The design choices, fabrics and colour options are vast, and whilst the design is out of our hands, the fabric and colour is certainly something we can assist with. For shade canopies, our recommended shade cloth fabrics are Z16 and eXtreme 32. Z16 has an outstanding reputation for quality, longevity, durability and high UV-R protection, up to 99%. It is available in 22 designer colours, and it comes with a 10 year limited warranty. eXtreme 32 delivers excellent shade protection characteristics, durability and strength. It is available in a range of colours, and it is backed with a 10 year limited warranty. For a waterproof canopy, we offer our DRiZ and Serge Ferrari range. DRiZ provides up to 100% protection from the UV radiation and sunlight, rain and wind. It filters the harmful radiation, and delivers natural light transmission. There are 16 different colours and it comes with a 5 year limited warranty. Serge Ferrari offer PVC (waterproof) shade fabrics that are known for their superior quality, longevity, and dimensional stability. As with all the other Rainbow Shade products,  is available in a wide range of colours, and they are backed with a 5-15 year limited warranty.

A shade canopy is an excellent addition to your business, patio or veranda, but canopies are not just decorative accessories, they are much more than that. Canopies provide shade, and much needed protection from the sun. Overexposure to sunlight and harmful UV radiation is damaging to the skin and its cells and it can lead to skin cancer. Australia is one of the countries with the highest skin cancer rates, where 2000 people die from it each year. In most cases, skin cancer is caused by exposure to sunlight and UV radiation, and anyone can be at risk. A canopy is a flexible sun protection solution, because it serves as a barrier to the sunlight and UV radiation which can damage your skin. You can sit in the shade, enjoying a warm sunny day, safe and shielded from the sun.


When the weather is nice, outdoor areas such as decks, verandas and patios become a family’s main living space. Shade is essential, and it must be provided. While there are many shade solutions available, consider canopies. They can fit any application, and can be custom designed to cover any area. Best of all, they are an excellent addition and decorative accessory that also provide shade and all-weather protection from the harmful UV radiation.

Our entire range of shade fabrics are ideal for any canopy, all you need to do is decide if you want a shade canopy or a waterproof canopy, then choose your colour. It is that simple! To get high grade UV-R protective fabrics for your canopy, contact Rainbow Shade, we service Australia-wide including the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.