With School education programs requiring children to learn and play outside of the school classroom more and more, does your school have enough shade to protect them from Australia’s harsh sun and harmful ultra violet rays?

Unlike cheap hardware store shade sail installations, professional custom school shade sails and structures can withstand many years of exposure to the elements and don’t have to break your school’s budget.

School Shade Sails and Shade structures are a great cost effective and stylish way to protect your school students from the sun, rain and even hail. School Shade sails greatly reduce heat underneath and work to filter the suns light through blocking and absorbing its UV rays.

School Shade sails that are installed by a professional shade company that use high quality shade fabrics such as Z16, Extreme 32 and DriZ can last well over 10 years. Take a look at our 15 year weather endurance test for more info.


Quality UPF Shade Sails can help prevent Cancer

When looking into which shade fabric best protects your school from the Sun, the Cancer council of NSW state to look at a fabrics UPF. The higher the UPF rating the better the fabrics ability to block harmful UV rays from passing through.

With up to 99% Ultra Violet block Z16 is the industry leader for protecting people and school’s from damaging sun related conditions. Our Extreme 32 shade fabric also has an impressive UVR block of up to 95.8% again acting as an effective sun shield between your students and the sun.

The design of your school shade sail or shade structure is extremely important as certain shapes and designs allow you to get the maximum shade available. To ensure that you get a high quality, well planned and installed shade sail make sure that your shade contractor has a credible history and is known to use the highest quality materials and components such as our range of industry leading shade fabrics.

Fabrics best suited to School Shade

In Summary, Shade sails and structures can be of great benefit to your school or organization. They are a very cost effective shading solution and can use creative designs and fabrics to achieve not only a great looking installation but one that can also last for many years to come.

If you are looking for more information on the many benefits of shade sails and shade structures for your school the click here. If you are looking for someone to quote on a shade sail or structure at your school please click here and we will be able to assess your shade requirements and try our best to pair you with a local shade contractor who can assist you with your specific job requirements.

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