As a parent or childcare centre operator, you want the very best for your children, with health and happiness being at the very top of the list. If you’re like me, nothing makes you happier than being able to watch your kids be just that; kids, and no childhood is complete without a sandpit in the backyard or playground. Sandpits offer endless (safe) enjoyment to kids. However, this can be foiled quickly, if you don’t protect your sandpit with a custom made sandpit cover.

Here at Rainbow Shade, we don’t just provide shade solutions, our range of fabrics are also suitable for a range of applications and one such application is fantastic and affordable custom made sandpit covers. In this article, I’ll explain why Rainbow Shade fabrics are perfect solution for your custom sandpit cover.

Why you need a custom made sandpit cover

Once you have designed and constructed your sandpit, it is important that you choose an appropriate cover for your sandpit. The sandpit is a place where your kids will spend hours having fun, so it is essential that the sandpit is kept clean and safe. A custom cover will protect your sandpit from animals using it as a toilet and will also help keep away debris, insects and leaves.

Types of sandpit covers you can choose from

Of the many different types of sandpit covers you can choose from, the most popular ones are mesh covers and waterproof covers. Let’s take a look at these types of covers.

Mesh Covers

Mesh covers are often, the most recommended of sandpit covers. These covers let air in through them, allowing a factor of breathability in the sandpit, which prevents the build-up of mould. Mesh covers can easily protect your sandpit from animals, insects, leaves and debris. For high quality mesh covers, you can choose between our z16 or eXtreme 32 fabrics, both of which feature high tensile strength, high resistance to tear, high durability and longevity, high UVR blocking and are also extremely easy to clean and maintain.

Waterproof Covers

If you need to cover your sandpit and also protect it from water, then you should choose waterproof covers. Typically made out of PVC, vinyl or plastic, waterproof covers can be fitted over a sandpit with the help of Velcro, screw-in buttons or elastic fixings. If you want a waterproof cover for your sandpit, then you cannot find any better fabric than DRiZ or Serge Ferrari. Both these fabrics feature great waterproofing and weather resistance, high tensile strength, are flexible and offer proven longevity and durability.

At Rainbow Shade, we are a leading Australian manufacturer of shade fabrics, which can provide adequate protection from natural elements and are perfect to be used as sandpit covers. Whatever your need for a sandpit cover or any other shade solution may be, you can rely on Rainbow Shade fabrics to meet your needs perfectly.

If you are interested in a custom made sandpit cover is a leading supplier of sandpit covers and only uses our high quality Z16 shade fabric for use in their sandpit cover products.


If you’re considering building a custom sandpit for your kids in your backyard, then you should definitely buy a sandpit cover to keep it protected from debris, animals and insects. There are many types of fabrics you can choose from for your sandpit cover, but the most popular options in the market are mesh fabrics. They are light, flexible and can easily be folded away when unneeded. Here, at Rainbow Shade, we offer high quality fabric materials for both mesh and waterproof covers that you can choose from for your sandpit.

If you’re after a sandpit cover, then you can definitely count on Rainbow Shade’s fabric to fit the bill. Contact our team at Rainbow Shade and we’ll put you in touch with a local shade provider who will create a custom sandpit cover from your chosen Rainbow Shade fabric. Get in touch with us today!

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