Sail Shades enhance any outdoor area

Are you looking for sail shades as a cover for over your cars or outdoor entertaining space?

Everyone wants to be able to get outside when the weather is at its best and enjoy the great outdoors. Sail Shades help you to do this. By covering you outdoor entertainment area or pool spaces with sail shades you can have the best of both worlds. You can enjoy time spent with family and friends out in the sun, but when you want to remain outside and have a rest, you can sit back and relax under your sail shades.

Whether you call them sail shades or shade sails their purpose is the same. Firstly to protect you for the harsh Australian sun, by blocking harmful UV rays and secondly to look great while adding value to your home.

By having your sail shades manufactured using a high quality sail shade cloth from Rainbow Shade, you can tick those requirements off the list. Rainbow Shade shade sail clothes not only protects you from the blistering sun with up to 99% UVR block, they also come in 24 colours, allowing you to design your sail shades to complement your home perfectly.

For most residential sail shade installations Z16 shade cloth is best suited. Being light and strong and with excellent UV protection. This fabric is the go-to for many shade sail installation companies and as it is manufactured using the highest quality raw materials, this sail shade cloth comes with a 10 year UV degradation warranty.

If you are looking to install a large sail shade or shade structure Extreme 32 shade cloth is for you. This shade cloth has been specifically designed for large span commercial shade sails and structures. Mainly used in commercial car park structures like you see at large shopping centers this sail shade cloth offers 14 colours and a high bursting strength specification.

Both Z16 and Extreme 32 shade sail cloths have earned the highest level of hail resistance by the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonia Texas.

If however you want a sail shade that offers protection from the sun, wind and rain. Make sure you ask your shade sail installer for DriZ waterproof shade cloth. This fabric allows you to enjoy your outdoor area even when the weather isn’t at its best. DriZ comes with a 5 year UV break down warranty and is available in 16 colours to suit your home.

For more information on shade sails or to see which Rainbow Shade cloth suits your installation requirements click here.

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