There are many different types of shade sail designs available to consumers now days. With shade cloth sails being a custom installation the design of your shade sail or structure can be detailed to your exact requirements.

The elegant Hypar shade sails, with their gentle curves between the high and low point fixtures,  are becoming increasingly popular. And when several are combined making use of Rainbow Shade’s large selection of colours the result can be a stunningly attractive installation providing UV protection for those enjoying its shade.

From a couple of triangular shade sails sheltering a backyard terrace to a multi-sail installation giving protection to picnic tables in a public park, a three-dimensional elegance is added to the everyday transforming it into a sophisticated domain limited only by the imagination of its design. While the rectangle, square and triangle dominate the shade sail shapes installed, this versatile protection can be designed and cut to any irregular shape that suits a required need.

And as befits our increasing colonisation of the outdoors that surrounds our homes and the public spaces we inhabit this affordable and versatile shade solution to the dangers of ignored exposure to the sun will only increase in relevance.

Offering up to 99% UV protection shade sails made from Rainbow Shade’s breathable cloth, Z16, are the cloth of choice for many shade sail installers Australia wide. It’s a durable and strong fabric and being lightweight it is easy to sew and install and as time is money the savings for the end user are not to be scorned.

Rainbow Shade’s waterproof cloth, DriZ, whilst heavier, offers year-round protection from the elements and a life span that can stretch 5 years. And when the rain does come, the runoff, from a thoughtfully maintained sail, can be safe potable water.

These two cloths, like the rest of the Rainbow Shade range are an ideal choice for bespoke shade sails that reflect the taste of their owners and add value to the homes and businesses they adorn. While in public places they are an attractive addition that can complement or contrast their settings as they provide protection from the harsh Australian sun.

They are made with exacting step-by-step quality control programs in the manufacturing process, and accordingly these knitted fabric cloths exceed the industry standard. The adherence to such a standard ensures the shade sails made with Rainbow Shade supplied cloths will stand the test of time. It is little wonder, with this attention to detail, they come bearing a worldwide reputation which the SA Plastics Magazine described as being “more than a shade better than the rest.”

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